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About Adrian:

  • Started modeling in 2012.

  • She believes she is the princess in the family and a better model than her sister Andrea.

  • She says she shows her body on instagram as a way to empower black women.

  • Her career on Instagram took off after she was discovered on a “big booty” instagram page.

  • She admits to not supporting her sister's modeling career as much as she supports her own.

  • She is very confident and not afraid to be labeled a "bitch" or "diva."

  • Adrian and Andrea compete with each other on instagram all the time for likes and followers.

About Andrea:

  • Started modeling in 2010.

  • Advertises on her page for swimwear and hair companies.

  • She's a single mom and wants to make a better life for her son. She hopes her modeling career will help to support her son.

  • She was popular in high school and always wanted to be the "It" girl.

  • Her account was hacked 2 years ago while she had 67k followers and she was devastated. She asked her sister Adrian, who had 15k followers at the time to help her rebuild her following by posting picture of her on Adrian's page but Adrian refused.

  • Andrea says together with her sister they are one unit. Adrian however fights for individuality and refuses to be known as just Andrea's sister.