Andrea Garcia   (27) & Brad Mallea   (27)


Location: Spicewood, TX

Wedding Date: June 1, 2019

Wedding Venue: Cypress Valley Event Center

Guest Count: 125

BIG BRIDAL SAYS: Repair all family relationships before the wedding.


WEDDICULOUS SAYS: There’s no toolbelt big enough for that.

Andrea & Brad's Story

Andrea and Brad met four years ago while working together at the YMCA in Austin. They had a crush on each other from the start but both were too nervous to make the first move. It wasn’t until after the program ended that Andrea got the courage to ask him out and they’ve been together ever since.

Andrea is super proud of her Mexican heritage. She wants her wedding to be full of Mexican flavor in honor of her recently deceased Abuela. They are going to incorporate traditional dances such as La Vibora de la Mar and El Muertito into their wedding.

These adventurous nature lovers are getting married in the trees! At their tree top venue, the ceremony will take place on a platform nestled between two 400-year-old cypress trees with a babbling creek below their feet. When Andrea found this venue, she immediately fell in love with it and knew they had to get married there. But to get a better deal that fit in their budget, they had to pick a date that was only 6 months out!

The rush to put everything together in such a short amount of time has them both stressing. In addition to the tight turnaround, Andrea’s family drama and the tensions between their wedding parties, Andrea and Brad are losing their minds planning this wedding.

A Story - The Deep Dive

BACKSTORY:  As soon as Andrea got engaged, she asked her best friend Karina to be her maid of honor and her older sister Danielle to be her matron of honor. She was excited to have her two favorite people share in the wedding planning process with her.


However, things didn’t turn out well. Danielle had assumed she would be the only one to hold the “honor” title and was deeply offended and hurt that Andrea had not chosen just her for the big day. Danielle decided she no longer wanted to be a part of the wedding and has not spoken to Andrea since. Andrea is heartbroken. She wants her sister (and her nieces and nephews) to be a big part of the wedding but she has no clue how to mend the situation.


*** Please note we would tell this Deep Dive as a sister-drama story, different from the two MOHs in the Nigerian wedding story.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie gets Andrea and Danielle to hash out their feelings in order to smooth over the problem.  

PAY OFF:  Andrea and Danielle are able to make up and Danielle agrees to take back the matron of honor title and attends the wedding in support of her sister.


B Story  - The Hand Off

(please note this is a sensitive story and we would not lightly refer to it as the Hand Off in series)


BACKSTORY:  One of Andrea’s bridesmaids Timmi is a transwoman and has only been going through the physical transition for a few months. While she’s proud to be trans, this wedding will be her first major event as a woman. In addition to transitioning, Timmi is currently undergoing treatment for Leukemia. Timmi is nervous about feeling comfortable at the wedding and Andrea wants to make sure she enjoys herself.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie takes Andrea and Timmi shopping for her bridesmaid look and schedules a practice hair and makeup session to play with different looks until she finds one that makes her excited to attend the wedding.

PAY OFF:  Timmi looks and feels fabulous on the wedding day.

C Story - The Quick Fix

BACKSTORY:  Andrea’s mom Shari wants her daughter’s wedding to be perfect, but she’s a little more trashy than chic. She wanted to make a wedding cake for her daughter, but has no baking experience.

TASK & PROCESS: Honestly, trashy-chic sounds amazing to Jamie. Perhaps she helps the mom bake a wedding cake? She deeply believes that while professionally-made wedding cakes are beautiful, they never taste great. They’re usually dry and too sweet. Jamie & mom take a baking class together and make a wedding cake from scratch that is actually delicious. (Jamie was into sculpting as a kid. She can work the fondant and even make the cake topper!)

Also: Jamie is good at baking. It never came up in the chem test! But she bakes a lot and doesn’t even use recipes!

PAY OFF:  Andrea and Brad’s cake turns out delicious and elegant - without breaking the bank!


Andrea's Mom

  • Shari is big, loud Texas woman! She so happy that Andrea found Brad and is excited to make him part of the family.

  • Andrea really helped keep up Shari’s spirits during her divorce, so its Shari’s dream to make this the picture perfect wedding for her self-less daughter. But the price of the wedding is definitely making her gawk! She wishes Andrea would go for her more budget friendly ideas even though it might not be the exact thing Andrea wants.

  • Shari has admitted her dancing is a little rough and that she tends to take on the male dancing role-whipping people across the dance floor. Andrea wants to surprise her mom with a secret mother/daughter dance but is nervous her mom will destroy her dress!


Maid of Honor

  • Karina has been Andrea’s BFF for over 16 years. They met on the first day of 6th grade in science class and have been inseparable since.

  • After Danielle dropped out of her matron of honor position, Karina has felt a lot of pressure to make sure all the maid of honor duties are pulled off flawlessly. She wants Andrea to have the best day of her life with or without her sister.

  • Karina is not a big fan of Brad’s friends and thinks they have some growing up to do. She’s ready to police them on the wedding and make sure they behave for the ceremony.



  • Timmi and Andrea have been friends since high school. Being a queer kid in southern Texas was tough, but Andrea has always been there to support Timmi through thick and thin.

  • Since starting her transition four months ago, things have been crazy in Timmi’s life but she doesn’t want Andrea to have to worry about her at the wedding. She willing to do whatever she needs for her amazing friend on her big day!

  • Please note Timmi was recently diagnosed with leukemia and is undergoing treatment. She is still planning on attending the wedding and being a part of the festivities.