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  • Ariel has been modeling on Instagram for three years and has over 400k followers.

  • A single mom to her 8-year-old son David, she does her best to juggle her career and motherhood.

  • Ariel grew up in a rough neighborhood and had a rocky relationship with her mother. She felt like she had to be the adult in the house and started working when she was 14-years-old to help pay rent.

  • When Ariel goes out in public, women are often intimidated by her beauty and they fear she will take their men. In fact, her relationship with her best friend crumbled because her best friend’s husband was obsessed with her.

  • Ariel is bisexual and is planning to use her fun yet flirty personality to hook up with other women in the house.

  • Although she has a playful personality, she warns that she is not to be crossed. She doesn’t have a problem with getting in anyone’s face to shut them down.

  • Her biggest pet peeves are women who think they are better than her because they wear designer clothes, shoes and handbags and people who talk negatively about her as a mother or about her son.

  • Ariel wants to win this competition to help provide a better life and foundation for her son. She doesn’t want him to struggle growing up the way she did.