Winfield/Nashville, TN

Ayerwaves Entertainment

Josh Ayer, 33

Dylan Ayer, 31

  • Ayerwaves Entertainment is a music event and booking company that focuses on highlighting independent artists. Their main event is the Ayerwaves Music Festival, but they also book for venues in small towns across East Tennessee, Knoxville, and soon a new festival in Nashville.

  • Backstory – Brothers Josh and Dylan grew up playing music. They traveled around with their band until Josh became a father and had to find a more permanent job. Because no artists ever played in his tiny town, Josh decided to throw his own concert series in his backyard and everyone in the town showed up! He decided to make it an annual festival and became the go-to guy for booking music in the area.

  • The Leap – Josh and Dylan just closed on a deal to expand their festival to a second location for the fall on a 110-acre farm outside of Nashville. Success at this new festival could mean major growth for the business.

  • Business Plan – They need to build out their new location to work for a music festival and that takes a lot of effort. The guys do most of the construction and manual labor themselves. They’ll need to figure out the best layout for a massive amount of people, build a stage, vendor and camping areas, and even parking lots. At the same time, they need to be booking the artists and vendors, market the festival and then run the event. Through all of that, they still have events in their area of East Tennessee to set up and venues to book artists for, as well as starting to plan for next year’s spring festival and 4 new events they are contracted to do at their new location next year.

  • Struggles – The main struggle for the guys is time. They are doing all of this planning, negotiating and building while working full-time jobs. They are also completely self-funded and still haven’t hit green.

  • Stakes – Josh is married with a young son, and has a daughter on the way. Dylan is getting married in September. Their families’ livelihood is at stake. They put every extra penny and drop of sweat into the business and are risking everything to take this to the next level.

  • 3-Month Milestone – This fall will be their first festival in Nashville. It’s a big chance to get more fans, but also to impress an investor that’s waiting in the wings. If the festival is as big as they believe it will be, they could potentially quit their jobs and secure more festival contracts for the future.