Bundle Board Game

New York, NY

Cassie Collier, 31

Jacklyn Collier, 33

  • Bundle is a personalized board game created by sisters, Jacklyn and Cassie.

  • Backstory - The inception for the company began after the sisters created a handmade board game, inspired

    by their favorite family memories, for their parent’s anniversary. From there Bundle was born. They launched the company a few weeks ago after a successful Kickstarter campaign and they are ready to take a leap of faith to follow their dreams.

  • The Leap - This duo plans on leaving their full-time jobs to get their company to the next level. Cassie is leaving her 6 figure Wall Street job in November and Jacklyn, a theater actress, will be leaving her off-Broadway play in August.

  • Business Plan - The girls have a busy 6 months ahead. In September they plan to hire an intern, redesign their game board, host a Murder Mystery game event, and set up a pop-up shop in Times Square to sell the game to the public. In October they’ll host a Halloween Bundle Barn Bash in PA. Their dream is to end up in a retail store like Anthropologie, in order to make this happen they’ll first go to their local stores, interview customers and demo their product, then meet with store managers and try to get a buyers meeting at the store’s corporate HQ in Philadelphia. Engagement season is in December and the girls are looking for someone who wants to propose in a big way using Bundle, they will shoot this for their social media. They’ll host a Christmas themed game event and also dress as elves to deliver the game to children’s hospitals. In February they’ll host a big Valentine’s day themed event where they will match-make couples using the game—so much to see and do!

  • Struggles - Their biggest struggle is getting their name out there, they have zero advertising budget and need help figuring out how to gain marketing momentum and how to build interest in their product.

  • Stakes - They are anxious about going into business together and are worried that their relationship is at stake if it doesn’t succeed.

  • 3-Month Milestone - The girls' big milestone moment will happen in February when they’ll move the business out of their living room and into their own office space!