Chad Riley   (30) & Anthony Aglio   (35)


Location: Temecula, CA

Wedding Date: September 27-29, 2019

Wedding Venue:  Vail Lake & Campground

Guest Count: 1,000

BIG BRIDAL SAYS: A wedding that's a festival? Don't bit off more than you can chew.


WEDDICULOUS SAYS: No matter what it will be better than Fyre Festival.

Chad & Anthony's Story

Chad and Anthony met two years ago, and got engaged last year! They met on Tinder and quickly fell in love. Chad popped the question on Anthony’s birthday in front of all of their family and friends.  They’re planning a massive three-day wedding festival that is open to the public. After having a difficult time coming out, they are finally ready to share their love with the world through this festival and inspire others to be proud in a big way!


Chad and Anthony were both raised in religious Christian households. When Chad first came out, he felt conflicted because he didn’t want to turn his back on his church and beliefs. He ended up marrying a woman and had to break it off when he finally got the courage to come out. While Chad’s family is very supportive, Anthony’s dad and brother have a hard time accepting his sexuality. When Anthony first came out to his dad, his dad reacted negatively. He disappeared for a week and told people he was ashamed of his gay son. Their relationship has been strained ever since. 


They have dubbed the festival,  “Forever Wed Fest”, named after the fact that their love is forever. They’ve been to festivals together and love how intimate and inclusive they are. They want this to be the Coachella of weddings with live performances, DJs, and drag queens. The first day will be a rehearsal dinner and welcome party, the second day will be the wedding ceremony for 200 of their closest family and friends, and the third day will be one giant festival party with 1,000 plus guests.


Chad and Anthony have no idea how they’re going to pull this off and they already feel like they’re in over their heads! While they’ve planned parties for 100 people before, they’ve never done anything this big. The last thing they want is for this wedding festival to become a total FYRE festival flop. Now that they’ve told their guests about this festival, they need to live up to all the expectations and promises they’ve made.  There have been multiple “O-M-G moments” and there’s no turning back now. Anthony is having nightmares about this wedding on the reg and Chad is breaking out in hives! With the clock ticking, the logistics of this massive three-day wedding festival are becoming overwhelming and they’re starting to lose sight of what the celebration is truly about – their commitment and love!

A Story - The Deep Dive

BACKSTORY:  Anthony’s extremely worried that his dad and brother won’t come to the wedding. He said if they don’t attend it will be a clear sign that their relationship is permanently severed, which will hang over the whole event.

Anthony wants nothing more than his dad and brother to be involved in the wedding plans and to be present on the big day, but they have yet to give a clear answer on whether they are coming or not. They skipped out on the engagement party, so Anthony is losing hope.

TASK & PROCESS:  In a perfect world, Jamie would facilitate a sit-down conversation with Anthony, his brother, and his dad prior to the wedding to have some real talk about acceptance and love. But we’ve all seen Intervention: it rarely goes well. In order to broker enough of a reconciliation to get them to show up, Jamie has separate dinners with the father and the brother to allow each to open up and “explain themselves” without feeling like they’re being put on trial. Then, during the dessert course, over cozy “safe space” hot cocoa, Jamie has a lighthearted conversation about their discomfort with Anthony while emphasizing how important it is to him to have them there, and perhaps makes them watch a pivotal Michael & Keith scene from Six Feet Under or something that could potentially normalize gayness for them. It’ll be like the opposite of a conversion camp! Less Boy, Erased, more Men, Accepted.

PAY OFF:  Jamie gets Anthony’s dad and brother to come to the wedding, ultimately mending their strained relationship, even if only for one day.


B Story  - The Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  Chad’s mom Sheryl is known for having terrible mom-style. Chad describes her taste as “tacky” and “trashy” with hair that’s stuck in the 80s. He’s been trying to get her to try on classy dresses, but is worried that she’s going to just buy something off the sales rack at Kohl’s. She doesn’t normally dress “fancy” and admits Chad is asking her to step out of her comfort zone.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie will have a heart-to-heart with Sheryl about her shopping preferences. Does she shop at Kohl’s because she doesn’t like spending money on clothes? Is it because the sales people there are less judgmental? Whatever it is, Jamie gets the full breakdown. Then, she teaches Sheryl to focus on the experience of shopping—let’s make a day of it! Go for a nice lunch! Pop into stores that give us champagne while we browse! Jamie will get her past the intimidation of going to higher-end stores while acting as her “fashion lawyer,” representing her, helping her make good style choices while also making sure no haughty employees overwhelm her. If Sheryl doesn’t find anything she likes, Jamie will take her to Kohl’s herself and they will assemble a perfectly cute outfit on the cheap. Hell, Jamie loves Kohl’s. Sounds like a blast either way!

PAY OFF:  Chad’s happy because Sheryl looks chic AF at the wedding. Sheryl is happy because she still feels comfortable while fulfilling her son’s fashion wishes.

Alternative Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  Anthony’s best friend, Kerry, is the ultimate worry. From the beginning, she’s been forcing herself into their relationship, constantly third-wheeling and fighting for Anthony’s attention. She refuses to take a back seat on the big day, even going so far as plotting to wear a wedding dress to make her own grand entrance.

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie is willing to give Kerry five minutes of performance time at the reception, but first, she has to audition for Jamie. Is this woman all talk or can she actually deliver? If Kerry passes the audition, Jamie will threaten her that if she goes over five minutes, she will get The Hook. Jamie shows her a large, stage hook, that she keeps in the backseat of her car.

PAY OFF:  Kerry contributes to the wedding in a positive way without making it all about her!


C Story - The Quick Fix

BACKSTORY:  Chad and Anthony are planning a fully choreographed 20-minute performance for their big day. It’s extremely elaborate and rehearsals are set to eat up a good deal of their pre-wedding prep-time. Anthony admits that he’s not a natural performer, but doesn’t want to let down his future husband!

TASK:  Jamie works with Chad & Anthony to cut the dance down to a two minute version, because... 20 whole minutes?! Jesus Christ that’s long! Jamie gets creative and offers to provide back-up dancers who can make the guys look great and cover or distract from any of Anthony’s missteps.

PAY OFF:  Chad and Anthony’s performance goes off without a hitch and wows all of their guests.


Anthony's Best Friend

  • Kerry is making this wedding all about her! From the second Anthony and Chad got engaged, she admits that she felt like she was engaged too .

  • Kerry’s ideas for the big day include, doing a live singing performance, walking down the aisle in a wedding dress, and having her own grand entrance. She doesn’t see anything wrong with being the center of attention, but Anthony and Chad need her to take a backseat just this ONCE.


Chad's Mother

  • As the mother of the groom, Sheryl has a huge role in this wedding day and will be the one to walk Chad down the aisle. It’s going to be all eyes on her! She has not chosen her dress yet, and is a bit of worry-wort. She wants to make sure she does her son proud!


Chad's Sister

  • Chad’s sister Linsey is very type-A and controlling. Linsey and Chad have a history of butting heads growing up. She believes she’s the older and wiser sister.  

  • She has completely taken over the planning of the grooms’ shower and it’s her way or the highway!


Anthony's Friend

  • Shane is Anthony and Chad’s craziest friend! He is a professional stuntman and they’ve deemed him most likely to catch himself on fire at their wedding.

  • As a groomsman, he wants to incorporate some type of stunt into the big day, but hopefully he doesn’t injure himself (or others!) in the process.