Age: 43

Occupation: Former Pet Store Manager / Currently Unemployed

Location: Lansdale, PA

Relationship Status: Married


Four years ago, Chas suffered what he thought was a pesky pinched nerve in his neck. MRIs would later show Chas had a super rare type of brain tumor, an Apendamoma. He went in for brain surgery the day before he was scheduled to marry his long-time sweetheart and mother of his child, Stephanie. Chas is now nearly five years cancer-free, but life as he knows it will never be the same. Prior to his surgery animal-lover Chas was a manager at several local pet stores. The Johnson household is home to a dog, three cats, a cockatoo, a leopard gecko, a 225-gallon reef fish tank, several Koi fish, a 30-gallon saltwater fish tank, a 45-gallon freshwater fish tank, and a friendly tarantula named Cliff. Chas spends his days tending to the pets and taking care of his 11-year-old daughter, Marin. After his surgery, Chas had to learn how to talk again, walk again, and even how to swallow again. Being unable to work, Chas is left questioning his purpose, and dealing with guilt and shame for Stephanie having to work twice as hard to support the family.



Chas's 5-year "Cancerversary" is this September - a huge milestone in his recovery. Most doctors believe if a cancer patient goes five years without experiencing a remission they are officially "cured" of the disease. Chas has shut himself off from the world since his diagnosis, he needs to recognize that he is a survivor in every sense of the word and put himself back out there!


FASHION: Chas is a hippie-at-heart who lacks motivation to dress well since he's usually home tending to the animals. He suffers from neuropathy on his left side, so anything too tight is uncomfortable on him. He has a pair of "pajama jeans"  which are essentially jeggings - that he wears for special occasions.

GROOMING: Chas calls his facial hair his "cancer beard." When he was in the hospital he wanted to see what would happen if he stopped shaving. His current facial hair is the result. Stephanie hates it and feels like Chas looks super different from the man she fell in love with.

DESIGN: Chas and Stephanie own a small house that they purchased five years ago. Chas was diagnosed shortly after they moved in and they never really had the time to properly settle and organize. There's pet food, cages, and tanks everywhere.

FOOD: Chas is the primary chef at the house since Stephanie is usually at one of her three jobs. His go-to meal is Hamburger Helper or eggs. Chas has a huge glass of Pepsi every morning and Steph desperately wants him to break his soda addiction.

CULTURE: Chas is still relatively young and needs to find better ways to occupy his time. His love for animals can be utilized in a way that could potentially benefit the family financially. He needs the confidence to put on some pants and get back into the workforce.

EVENT:  Chas's 5-year -cancerversary.

Nominator: Stephanie Johnson, Wife

  • Stephanie has watched Chas go through so much over the last five years. She wants nothing more than for him to regain his sense of purpose and get out of the house!!