Cobb's Popcorn

Austin, TX

Rowan Ring, 32

Erin Cobb, 31

  • Cobb’s Popcorn is a high-end popcorn experience. They want to change the popcorn game and create not only a snack made with the highest quality local ingredients, but also retail spaces that stand out from your typical popcorn store—that will be must see destinations in Seattle and wherever they grow to.

  • Backstory – Rowan and Erin met through a scooter club in Seattle and instantly became friends. After bonding over a popcorn treat, the two decided to start their own popcorn company. They immediately bought some popcorn machines but life got in the way so the business went on hold for 2 years! This past March, Rowan finally decided to leave Seattle and move to Austin to meet Erin and FINALLY kick their business off.

  • The Leap – In a few weeks, Cobb’s Popcorn will be getting their final approval for moving into a space in Seattle’s biggest market, Pike Place. Once that happens they will be moving themselves, and all their equipment, up from Austin and hopefully open their first store this September in time for the holiday season.

  • Business Plan – The guys have to finalize their core flavors, packaging and logo, and do a soft online launch while they are building out the Pike Place location. They also plan on building brand awareness around town by partnering with local companies, breweries and wineries, and by building out little meter-maid trucks to bring to markets, festivals and events like Seahawk and Mariners games. If everything goes well during the holidays, they hope to open a second location in the Seattle or Austin airport.

  • Struggles – The guys have a lot to do in order to get Pike Place ready for a successful launch and opening season. Balancing their time is the biggest struggle, especially for Rowan who is currently working a full-time job as a data analyst. They also have to really work on building up their brand and marketing to get people through the doors once they open.

  • Stakes – Rowan and Erin are betting everything on Cobb’s Popcorn. Rowan has put all of his savings into this business. If he quits his job and this fails, he’ll be on a one-way ticket back to Ireland. Erin also has a lot financially riding on their success but even more so is his reputation. This is the first business that he’s actually putting his name on front and center, so it has to work.

  • 3-Month Milestone – The goal is for Cobb’s Popcorn to have such a great opening and first holiday season that Rowan can quit his 9-to-5 by the end of the year.