Atlanta, GA

Cool Moms Dance Too

Jaira Wingfield-Green, 11

Quyionah Wingfield, 29

Serenity Wingfield-Green, 9

  • Cool Moms Dance Too is a family dance fitness program that hopes to not only make families healthier but

    create a bonding experience for parents and their children. They will certify instructors who can bring the program into their own community centers, gyms and schools as well as run classes online so families can also work out from home.

  • Backstory – After the loss of her husband in 2013, Quyionah was stressed and depressed, as were her daughters. So, she enrolled them in dance to keep them preoccupied. One day she started dancing with them at home and found herself feeling better, losing weight, and connecting emotionally with her daughters. Quyionah decided she wanted to help other families get fit physically and mentally.

  • The Leap – Quyionah has been developing her business for the last 2 years and will finally be ready to officially launch the business in September. This whole time she’s been working at a radio station and plans to quit and focus full time on CMDToo by the end of the year!

  • Business Plan – Once the program is launched, Quyionah has to be on her grind to get it adopted in her community. They plan on doing a multi-city school tour to promote CMDToo as well as the GAPTA conference, and other conventions and events on top of their weekly classes. They need to solidify their official instructor training and want to grow relationships with big companies like YMCA, Boys and Girls Club, V103 Atlanta Radio and national church groups. They’ll also be revealing their new website and producing a 45-minute family fitness program video for the site so families can continue to workout at home.

  • Struggles – CMDToo’s biggest challenge is getting the word about their program and getting families and instructors excited to do their workouts.

  • Stakes – Quyionah is putting her whole family at risk by going full force into CMDToo. They have minimalized their lifestyle by moving into a smaller home in order to put more into the business. Also, this is not just Quyionah’s business – its Jaira and Serenity’s too. The pressure is on because Quyionah wants to show them they can do anything they set their minds to.

  • 3-Month Milestone – By the end of December, Quyionah wants to be able to walk away from her job and career. She’s got a lot of promotion to do before Cool Moms Dance Too is stable enough to call it quits.