Bayonne, NJ

Teamsters Soccer

Sibrena Geraldino, 49

Alex Geraldino, 46

Natasha Geraldino, 30

  • New Jersey Teamsters are a family owned semi-pro soccer team based in Bayonne, NJ.

  • Backstory - Married couple Sibrena and Alex, founded the team in February 2017. Alex, a former NFL-Euro Division football player, and Sibrena, a publicist/media buyer, knew they were both at dead-ends in their careers, and it was now or never to chase their dream of owning a soccer team. They feel that sports is recession proof and want to prove that a black couple can excel in the soccer world. Sibrena’s daughter, Natasha, works for them. They butt heads often and find it hard to separate their mother-daughter dynamic from the business.

  • The Leap - Sibrena is currently at her 9-5 but will be dissolving her PR business in August to take the lead as the full-time owner of the team.

  • Business Plan – This is their first pro season and they’re looking forward to growing the team, gaining notoriety in their town, and winning lots of matches. Within the next few months they will be hiring coaches, holding tryouts for a few spots on their men’s team, holding tryouts for a new women’s team in September, and ordering new merchandise. In November, they will be attending Soccerex in Miami, one of the biggest soccer conferences in the country, and playing in a major championship. They’re continuously looking for a new stadium or land to start building a new stadium, they hope to find a new home for their team by the beginning of next year.

  • Struggles – Their biggest struggle is bringing in new sponsors to support the team financially and properly market their team.

  • Stakes – There is a lot at stake for this power couple if the team doesn’t get to the next level. Alex used three months of mortgage payments to put towards the business without telling Sibrena. She found out after receiving a home foreclosure notice. They’ve invested $75K and are scared that if this doesn’t work not only will they lose their house but their marriage may also be on the line.

  • 3- Month Milestone – Their biggest goals are to win enough games this season to qualify for the Lamar Hunt Cup next spring AND to find a new stadium for the team. They hope to be in a new stadium by spring of next year.