Brews On The Rock

Washington Island, WI

Alex Anderson, 23

Erika Gonzalez, 39

Diego Anderson, 22

  • Brews on the Rock will be a new nano brewery located on the legendary Washington Island. They will be the first local brewery on the island and will feature local ingredients and flavors in their brews. In addition to brewing beer, the team plans on having a taco cart. The cart will fill a void in the Island’s food options (typically burgers and brats) with some much needed ethic eats.

  • Backstory - Washington Island is a short ferry ride from Northport, WI. It’s a tourist hot spot in the summer that brings people from all over the world. Erika, Diego, and Alex grew up spending summers on the island. It was always a dream to start a business on the island so they could liver there year-round. So when the team met up for beers a year ago, they had a lightbulb moment about starting their own brewery...and the rest is history.

  • The Leap - Erika plans on quitting her job to work for Brews full-time this winter. In order to get the taproom built and the beer recipes in order, they have to have someone working full-time and Erika is ready to go!

  • Business Plan - Brews on the Rock is in the early stages of getting their business up and running. They have a location but still need funding so they can turn their space into a taproom. They are launching a Kickstarter within the next few weeks and they’ve also garnered tons of support from Door County locals. They need to renovate the tap room, finalize their recipes, and build a taco cart within the next year. They also plan on making small batches of beer to sell to local Washington Island business late winter/early spring.

  • Struggles - Their biggest struggles are getting their permitting and figuring out how to manage their wastewater on the island. Washington Island is not on a municipal sewer and the brewery will have wastewater with highly organic material which has to be dealt with so as not to hurt the local ecosystem. They are currently working with a company that does sustainable treatments to see if that will work for them and maybe for the island in the long term. The Door County Economic Development Corporation has been helping them navigate the legal aspects of their business and they hope to get their permitting settled by August.

  • Stakes - Everything is at stake for these three business pioneers. If they don’t tackle these issues they won’t be able to open...and that is absolutely not an option. They are working hard with community leaders to jump these business hurtles so they can open in May of 2019!

  • 3-Month Milestone - Once they get their recipes nailed down, Brews on the Rock plans on selling small batches to local restaurants, bars, shops. They hope to generate excitement by giving the locals a taste of their beer.