• As a young boy growing up in Columbia, South Carolina, Byron was a loud and enthusiastic athlete who always had a passion for colors, textiles and fashion.

  • He stumbled into interior design as a profession when on a Costa Rican vacation with a boyfriend, who wanted to renovate a dilapidated hotel. He reluctantly agreed to take on the makeover and aimed to, “tell a story in each room.” Byron earned high praise once the project was finished, and decided to pursue interior design as a career, earning a Masters from the prestigious FIT in Manhattan. 

  • Byron has been an interior designer for 11 years, and considers it the joy of his life.  At the design firm that bears his name, Byron specializes in interiors, decoration and event planning.

  • Type-A clientele flock to him naturally because of his fabulous and over-the-top wardrobe; you can immediately spot him out in a crowd. His goal is to always make his client’s wildest design fantasies come true.

  • Byron was named one of the Top 10 African-American designers in the country, and has been chosen by Housing Works for their premiere interior design benefit event Design on a Dime, for five years running.

  • Bryon loves to be the most competitive person in the room. He thrives on out-shining his competitors, and feeds off of their reaction of losing to him.

  • He treats each and every one of his clients like his children, and it will be no different in this competition. He ensures that he’ll have the winning designs because he’ll make them look editorial and like, “straight out of the pages of a magazine.”