Age: 45

Occupation: Radio Show Host

Location: Prairie Village, KS (20 mins. to KC)

Relationship Status: Recently Divorced


Afentra is the daughter of two "very foreign" Greek parents. She went from living with and catering to her parents, to living with and catering to her husband to recently single. Now, the head of the household for the very first time, she and her two sons, John (11) and Nico (7), are a little lost. She is the co-host of a local Kansas City morning radio show - 96.5 The Buzz, and her soon-to-be ex-husband is her boss. With her ex constantly around, she needs help finally cutting the cord, signing the divorce papers and gaining the closure she needs to move on to her next chapter in life!


FASHION: As a radio host, no one really sees Afentra’s “roll out of bed” look – i.e. leggings, tennis shoes, and an oversized shirt. She is a self-proclaimed Maxxonista (TJMaxx shopper) but hasn’t treated herself to new clothes in years. She admits she’s always had trouble with body image and is the first to make herself the brunt of a “fat joke” as a shield. She says Spanx and baggy black clothes are her best friends – she’s constantly hiding her figure!


GROOMING: Afentra claims she’s starting to go gray and is wrestling with the idea of dyeing her hair. She’s also a chain smoker and knows that’s not doing her any favors, especially when she doesn’t have time to shower in the morning (which is often) – she smells like smoke when she gets into work.


DESIGN: Now that she has officially separated from her husband, she just moved into a new, smaller mid-century modern home. She wants to make the space her own and especially maker her boys’ rooms something special. Because she and her husband share custody, she wants them to feel comfortable and happy to be in their own space on her turf.


FOOD: Growing up in a Greek home meant everyone congregated in the kitchen. While Afentra knows how to cook Greek food, she is now relying on prepackaged junk food as a comforting tool during her divorce.


CULTURE: Afentra got the nickname, “The Greek Giving Tree” because of her selflessness with the people she loves. Now that she’s single, she needs to get back in touch with what activities make her happy! She loved hiking and going to concerts but hasn’t done that in ages. In the midst of making sure her boys are doing okay during the divorce, she needs to find time for herself.

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: The Fab Five will absolutely die over Afentra! Personalities will compete for who’s got the louder voice!

EVENT: Afentra’s nominator, Danny, wants to have a party with all her friends in her newly reinvented home. He wants to celebrate her, for once, as she enters this new chapter in her life. Fingers are crossed that finally…just maybe…she will sign those divorce papers that have been looming over her head.

Nominator: Danny Terreros, radio co-host


  • Danny says Afentra is a sister to him. They have been co-hosts and best friends for over a decade and according to Danny, seem to be “spinning on the same record track of life” (first marriages, divorces, kids) until very recently. Danny found the love of his life in the past year, and wants the same for Afentra. He knows the first step in moving on is cutting the cord and spending some time on herself!