Roshni Delwadia   (28) & Kuntal Shah    (32)


Location: Elmhurst, IL & Raleigh, NC

Wedding Date: June 2-7 & June 15, 2019

Wedding Venue: Waterford Banquet & Conference Center

Guest Count: 100-600 per event

Roshni & Kuntal's Story

Roshni and Kuntal met by chance at a college bar in Madison, WI. They chatted about her bhangra team, added each other on social media but went their separate ways. A year later, Roshni was accepted into medical school at Campbell University in North Carolina and remembered Kuntal lived there. She reached out for advice about life in NC and their lunch meet up turned into an all day date. They’ve been inseparable since!


Both Roshni and Kuntal parents’ immigrated to the United States in the 80’s and brought them up with a love and appreciation of Indian culture. Kuntal owns a traditional Indian dance company and both of them are professional traditional Indian dancers!


They are having a huge traditional Hindu wedding fit for a Bollywood movie! There will be a total of 10 events taking place both in North Carolina with Kuntal’s family and Illinois with Roshni’s family - a Viva Kehl to kick off the week, Mendhi nights, Vidhis, a Jaan bus trip from NC to the Chicago suburbs, the traditional Garba Sangeet dance party, and the big wedding ceremony and reception on Saturday.


There’s a lot of room for error and they are planning EVERYTHING themselves! With only 17 weeks to make sure everything goes according to plan and an unlimited list of things to get done, they are scared about things falling apart with the volume of events and people. On top of that they have to balance the old traditions their parents need to have with the modern American twists they want to have on their big day!

A Story - The Deep Dive

BACKSTORY:  Kuntal and Roshni want the wedding to be super traditional but also super modern. They have all the important Indian and Hindu traditions, but they also want to put in fun modern twists to make their wedding stand out from others in their family and friends.


Even though Kuntal and Roshni are the ones getting married, the day is just as much their parents as it theirs. Its really important in their culture that the parents proud of these events. Its taken a lot of effort to get all six people onboard for every detail of these 10 events. The main issue is the generational differences between their immigrant parents and their American born and raised ideas of what a wedding should be.


It’s taken months for Kuntal and Roshni to get their parents onboard with having an after party. The pressure is on to make sure that event not only goes out without a hitch and is both fun and safe!

TASK & PROCESS:  Jamie helps Kuntal and Roshni game plan for the after party and makes sure they can let loose and have fun instead of worrying about being on their best behavior for their parents.

PAY OFF:  Everyone has a blast at the after party, including Kuntal and Roshni!


B Story  - The Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  Roshni’s dad Bharat and Kuntal’s dad Dhiren are both making speeches at the reception. They are men of few words and Kuntal and Roshni are worried that their speeches will be buzz kills during the biggest party of them all. They want their dads to be confident on the mic!

TASK:  Jamie puts the dads in a mini writing bootcamp and rehearses their speeches with them before the big day.

PAY OFF:  Bharat and Dhiren nail their speeches and get the crowd laughing and ready to party!

Alternative Hand Off

BACKSTORY:  Naushin, the Maid of Honor, will be doing Roshni’s bridal henna. It will be on Roshni all weekend and therefore in every photo for eternity. The Mendhi or henna ceremony is a whole event and is a big deal in an Indian wedding. She’s hella nervous that she won’t be able to create something up to the standards of Roshni’s mom or aunties.

TASK:  Jamie has Naushin practice on her in some high stress situations so she’ll be ready for the main event.

PAY OFF:  Naushin’s henna looks amazing! Roshni and her mom love it so much it brings them to tears!


C Story - The Quick Fix

BACKSTORY:  The Baraat is a huge parade and party leading the grooms family to the entrance of the ceremony venue. But its early in the morning after almost a week of partying. Kuntal wants this to be a moment to remember but he’s worried no one will have the energy.

TASK:  Jamie wakes up the early morning crowd and gets them pumped up.

PAY OFF:  Kuntal has his Bollywood moment and everyone is ready to celebrate all day!

Alternative  Quick Fix

BACKSTORY:  Kuntal’s family and friends will be traveling 13 hours from Raleigh to Elmhurst in a bus caravan they are calling the “Jaan” bus. The Jaan is the welcoming of the groom by the bride’s family. Kuntal and his Best Man Chirag is worried the youngest groomsman Ravin is going to miss the bus because he’s too hungover from the night before.

TASK:  Jamie goes to Ravin’s house in the morning and makes sure he gets to the bus.

PAY OFF:  Ravin makes the bus and everyone is able to leave on time!

Bharat & Varsha

Parents of the Bride

  • Bharat and Varsha immigrated to the US in the 80’s. They weren’t able to have a big traditional Indian wedding themselves, so they want to make sure Roshni has the dream Indian wedding!

  • They are heavily involved in the planning and every decision has to have their blessing. They and Kuntal’s parents are very religious. Their main focus is making sure all of the Hindu traditions and traditions from their home state Gujarat are done correctly and have a major presence in every event.

  • This is a big day for them because the wedding is a reflection on them as parents. They let Kuntal and Roshni have an after party, but they are worried about everyone’s safety because they feel responsible for all the guests. If something happens at the after party, Kuntal and Roshni will never hear the end of it. 


Maid of Honor

  • Naushin met Roshni in Honors Bio in high school freshman year. They bonded over their teacher incorrectly pronouncing their names and have been in separable since.

  • She has only met Kuntal a handful of times since she lives in Atlanta, so she feels it’s a little weird for her best friend to marry someone she barely knows. But whenever she’s been around them she can see how much he loves her.

  • As Maid of Honor, she has a LOT of responsibilities throughout the week of events. She’ll basically be the stage manager making sure everything happens right and on time.

  • At the Garba Sangeet, the bridal party will be doing a dance for the couple and Naushin is in charge of choreographing. She’s worried the non-Indian bridesmaids are going to have trouble, plus she’s got to teach everyone via video since she doesn’t live nearby. 


Best Man

  • Chirag grew up with Kuntal and they are basically brothers!

  • While Kuntal is the big planner, Chirag is the more laid back, go-with-the-flow kind of guy. He is constantly getting pinged about tasks for the wedding that are overdue. He’s knows that a lot of things on these events are going to be riding on him and he’s not sure if he’s ready for the responsibility!

  • Chirag is a prankster but knows he can’t mess with Kuntal during his wedding. So he’s turning his attend to the youngest groomsmen Ravin. He’s talked with Kuntal about making ‘Bio Data’ cards for Ravin – Tinder profile-esk business cards used in India back in the day  - and distribute them in one of the event programs!