Age: 31

Location: Temple, TX 

Relationship Status: Single 


Matt is the owner and only employee of a small cattle ranch, with land and cattle in both Salado and Florence. He also works part-time as a feed sales rep. Matt lived the fast life through college up till his late 20's- women, partying and good times were the make up of Matt's world. However, things came to a crashing halt in 2016 when Matt fainted at the wheel of an eighteen-wheeler. He was lucky to have lived, however, his leg had to be amputated. Losing a leg was a game changer for Matt in an unexpected way. It lit a fire under him- finding his purpose and living life to the fullest were his ultimate goals. He continued to work on growing his cattle company and just bought his first house in December of 2019. 


March will be the anniversary of Matt's accident- a reminder that life is short and he better get to livin'. He's got a small, but successful business and a new house, but no one to share it with. Years ago, Matt's mother cheated on his father- something that has been an emotional chip on his shoulders since he was young. He's recently started dating someone, but it's new and he's worried about the next step. He's hoping a little help from the Fab 5 will get him closer to the life he's been trying to rebuild.


FASHION: Due to his prosthetic, Matt wears a lot of shorts- that being said, his choice of shorts have a very "handyman dad" quality to them- not the look of a fun millennial. He's a functional dresser and if one clothing item works for him, he'll buy 10 of them (i.e. He's got 6 of the same jean shirt). He knows how to dress for ranching, but is pretty limited in any other area of his life. 

GROOMING: Matt hides beneath a cap or a cowboy hat when he's got a great head of hair! He doesn't like to "fuss with his cowlicks". He's been growing his beard out for well over a year and refuses to touch it- meaning no trimming, no washing, no oiling and no shaping. He's got hair most men would envy, but he doesn't know how to show it off! 

DESIGN: Matt just bought his first house in December 2019 and, as a first time homeowner, he's clueless. While he very much wants to share his home with a girlfriend/future wife, he's already setting it up like a bachelor pad. There's no curtains on any of the windows and nothing on the walls. His house is semi- handicap accessible, but his bathroom isn't- he uses a YETI bucket to sit in the shower! Matt needs help making his house a home- and one that he can share with someone down the line. 

FOOD: Because Matt's work is incredibly active, he rarely gains weight. Unfortunately, this leads him to believe he can eat what he wants, which is usually a grab-and-go meal. When he's not working with cattle, he's in his truck driving from ranch to ranch selling feed. This means he's often eating gas station delicacies or living off black coffee. 

CULTURE: Matt is only 31, but he's faced more trauma than most folks will endure in their lifetime. While he came out of the experience with a new lease on life, he is still managing a lot of insecurities that inherently come with a major physical tragedy. He hasn't had a girlfriend since the crash and needs help navigating what all of it looks like as post-accident Matt.  

EVENT:  Cattle Auction

Nominator: Dustin Grabsch, Best Friend

Dustin has been best friends with Matt since college. He's known Matt before and after the accident and knows Matt just needs a little help in achieving his best life.