Age: 38 & 40

Location: Kyle, TX 

Relationship Status: Married


Scott, Amy and their nine children, ranging in age from 3 months to 16, were devout Mormons until almost exactly a year ago. Last April, Amy and Scott's oldest daughter came out to them as Bisexual and the family was forced to re-examine their Mormon beliefs. After much contemplation and resistance from their parents, neighbors, and community, The Sellers family made the decision to leave the church.


The Sellers adjustment to a traditional lifestyle has been tumultuous.  Their entire lives revolved around the church, and following the rules of the Book of Mormon. Scott's parents told him they would rather "die of cancer" than see him leave the church. They are struggling to raise their nine children now that they've lose their sense of community and family. 


FASHION:  As Mormons, Scott and Amy dressed extremely modestly. Amy wasn't allowed to show her arms above her elbows, or her legs above her knee. Both were required to wear "Mormon Underwear" - long thermal undergarments that are intended to curtail sexual desires. As they adjust to civilian life they are experimenting with fashion, but have no clue what's in style or appropriate. Amy and Scott both want to feel sexy since they were unable to express themselves via clothing in their teens and 20s. Amy suffers from extreme body image issues that stem from the religion's pressure for her to be "perfect" and "good."

GROOMING:  The church required Scott to maintain a "tight, short" buzzcut hairdo. In an act of rebellion against the church, he has refused to cut his hair since leaving. He now has a floppy, shaggy look that is rather unprofessional. He is embarrassed by his naturally curly hair so he unsuccessfully attempted to do a Japanese straightening treatment. Amy has never experimented with trendy hair or makeup. 

DESIGN: The Sellers live in a spacious, modern home. Every room was decorated with religious imagery, texts and portraits of Joseph Smith. They've tossed everything, but are left with bare walls, empty bookshelves and a home with zero personality or character. The kids take up all of their time and they haven't had a second to think about what to do with the house. It's also hard finding furniture that can seat 11 people. Their current dining table is only big enough for nine. 

FOOD:  Cooking for nine kids is hectic, chaotic, and sometimes feels like an impossible feat. They rely on frozen foods such as corn dogs and chicken nuggets and bags of cold cereal that the kids can serve themselves. 

CULTURE: Scott and Amy were practicing Mormons for 40 years. Leaving the religion has left them questioning who they are, and what they stand for. They are struggling to mend relationships with family, while also trying to stay true to their new beliefs. 

EVENT:  Family Reunion with Scott's estranged sister, Steffani

NominatorsTammy Martin & Holly Chamberlain, Scott's Sisters

Tammy and Holly left the church nearly 20 years ago when they were in their late teens. Scott and Amy were appalled by their decision and the relationship was deeply fraught. When Scott and Amy left the church last year, the relationship has been rekindled and they are now closer than ever.