Population: 12,037


Manor is a small town located just 12 miles Northeast of Austin! In the early 1900s Manor was positioned to become one of the largest cities in Texas, but two devastating fires in the 1920s quickly brought that to a halt. Manor has never fully recovered. It has one small, 250 foot "downtown" main drag with a hair salon, sports bar, grocery and an Inn. In November 2019, they had their first ever black mayor elected who is excited to make Manor a destination city. 


Austin is rapidly gentrifying and families are being priced out. People are urgently seeking affordable, friendly, diverse places to live. Manor is working hard to be that place, large in part to progressive City Manager, Tom Bolt and affable Chief of Police, Ryan Phipps. Tom and Chief Ryan have implemented Manorpalooza - a Manor-themed festival happening in late May to show appreciation to its residents as well as lure new folks to the town. Manor is lacking a strong identity and a distinct Main Street to appeal to prospective "Manorites". Tom and Chief Ryan hope the Fab 5 can give their tiny town a make better that new and old residents can be proud of. 

The Makeover:

Manorites are hard working, family-oriented people whose pride for their town is only superseded by their pride for The Mustangs, the local high school's football team. Manor isn't known for its general sense of fashion- the "skort" is still considered cutting edge in these here parts. A fancy night on the town usually means dinner at The Goodluck Grill or Ramo's Family Mexican Restaurant, where ambiance is far less important than a hearty burger or plate of tacos. While the townsfolk may swell with pride for their town, they realize that the downtown strip leaves a lot to be desired. The awnings are rusted over and most of the businesses have paint peeling from top to bottom. The Manor Water Tower, one of the biggest landmarks of Manor (fun fact- Leonard DiCaprio climbed this water tower in What's Eating Gilbert Grape), has been left untouched for decades. The people of Manor would love to their aging tower painted a bright, poppy color so folks from all over Texas can spot Manor in the distance. 

Felix Paiz, Lifelong Resident

Felix runs Manor Boys and Girls- a mentorship program that prepares young people for their futures after high school. He's running for the school board this year and as a first timer he hopes he can impress his peers with a put-together look and charisma. 

Melanie Israel, 12-year Resident

Melanie is the newest employee of Manor Manes, the local hair salon. She just got her cosmetology license and wants to build her clientele. As a newbie to the beauty game, she's hoping JVN can show her how the pros do it.

Shana Whiteley, Lifelong Resident

Shana is the beloved owner of The Good Luck Grill- the local restaurant and town staple for Manorites. Shana is a hardworking single mom who volunteers at her son's school and is also on the board of Bluebonnet electric. She hasn't been on a date in 10+ years and hasn't had a "me" moment in the same amount of time. 

Cliff Duett, Lifelong Resident

Clifton and his dad run Duett's Tire Shop- a family-owned auto body shop that's been in Manor since the 1960's. Clifton works with his hands all day long and is often covered in grime, grease, and goo.His family loves him, but he often shows up at his kids 4H events with car oil on his face and clothes. His family would love to see him cleaned up and feeling the best version of himself. 

Nominators:  Tom Bolt, City Manager 

                        Ryan, Chief of Police