Age: 29

Location: Driftwood, TX 

Relationship Status: Married


Quincy is married to Erin Zwiener, a Democratic member of the Texas House of Representatives for District 45. Erin is a rising political star and she's currently finishing up serving her first term and gearing up for another run in 2020.  Quincy works outside most of the time in wildlife management and would live outside if he could!


 With Erin’s first term coming to a close, 2020 is gearing up to be filled with political events and appearances. Quincy feels like a fish out of water at these functions. He doesn't want to "drag" Erin down. He has sacrificed a lot but remains Erin's biggest cheerleader. YAS to men supporting their women in 2020!  Quincy does majority of the household chores and chasing their 1.5 year old around, so Erin can pursue her dreams. He wants to organize a campaign event at their home to thank her supporters, but desperately needs help to make it worthy.


FASHION: Erin describes Quincy's style as "basic bro." He lives in tye-dye tee-shirts, jenky shoes, and questionable sweater vests. He feels inadequate and slovenly around Texas's political elite. 

GROOMING:  Quincy clips his own hair and doesn't shave his beard. He sometimes skips showers and has no concept of skincare. 

DESIGN: Quincy and Erin own a quaint home on a massive property in Driftwood, TX. The house is unfinished and unorganized. Erin's campaign HQ is on the Zwiener's dining room table! 

FOOD:  Quincy loves cooking and is the "head chef" of the Zwiener household. He makes the same four meals on rotation and would love to spice up his repertoire. 

CULTURE:  Arnold is one of the only male "Legislative Spouses" in Texas. He and Erin are shattering gender norms, and he is trying his best to be a presentable and productive partner. In 2020, image is everything when it comes to politics. Her re-election is so important to so many people, and he needs to help aid her win. 

EVENT:  Erin's Re-election Party

Nominators:  Erin Zwiener, Wife 

Erin feels so grateful to have such a supportive, loving husband. She wants to see him step out of her shadow and be an asset to her political team.