& Christine Reddy, 25


Mom/Daughter Therapy

Occupation: Robin: interior designer/

property manager

Christine: Sales Exec

Location: dallas, TX

relationship status: Robin - single

Christine - in a relationship

social media: Robin



Robin and Christine have recently reconnected after not speaking for five years. Christine harbors a deep resentment towards her mother for her unconventional parenting choices and erratic behavior. Their inability to communicate is causing hurt and tension on both sides. With Robin’s health in question, the clock is ticking for these two to finally make proper amends and repair their relationship.



  • Robin had Christine when she was just 21-years-old, and Christine never really knew her birth dad.

  • Robin married a wealthy oil tycoon when Christine was a baby and had three more children, Caitlyn,  Michael, and Catheryn-Margaret.

  • The Covingtons led an extravagant life with private jets, over-the-top soirees, and a home chef.

  • Despite all the wealth, Robin was unhappy in her marriage and began an affair with another man.

  • In Christine’s eyes, Robin “abandoned” her by leaving the family to take weekend trips with her new boyfriend leaving Christine at home to look after her younger siblings.

  • For the five years that Robin was with this new man, she and Christine didn’t speak.

  • When Robin exited the relationship she pleaded for Christine to forgive her and welcome her back into her life. Christine reluctantly accepted, but still struggles with trusting her mom.

  • Robin is addicted to male-attention. She loves flirting with 20-somethings, and will tell people she’s Christine’s sister. She prides herself on dressing “young” and listening to bands like Linkin Park.


Robin's Health:

  • Robin recently had a near-death experience when she experienced a blood clot triggered by her NuvaRing birth control. The doctors told her she had a .001% chance of surviving, and it’s a miracle that she’s here.

  • Nearly dying has shifted Robin’s priorities and commitment to her children. She feels nothing on this earth is a guarantee and says she is doing her best to be there for her kids.


Robin's Business:

  • After leaving her first marriage, Robin took her love for real estate and design and started her own thriving business in Dallas.

  • She owns seven luxury properties in Dallas that are decorated in classic “Robin Style” and rented out for various film shoots, corporate events, and lavish parties.

  • Robin wants Christine to learn the ropes of her business and eventually inherit it. However, her business partner/investor has witnessed their toxic dynamic and is not on-board with Christine joining the team.



  • Robin and Christine are both avid yogis and pilates junkies. They love to travel and have yet to take a vacation together since reconnecting.

  • Christine is excited to have a distraction-free zone and her mother’s undivided attention for once.



  • Robin will soak up the attention from huge flirt Immie!

  • Christine, Audrey, and Lauren will be friends but compete for the affection of Lewis and Immie!

  • Christine and Katy will connect over having divorced parents.