Age: 60

Occupation: Auto mechanic

Location: Raymore, MO (30 mins. from KC)

Relationship Status: Girlfriend


Ted has owned a reputable auto body shop in South Kansas City for the past 30 years. Stuck in the same routine and overalls everyday, Ted knows he’s in a bit of a funk. He’s never had kids but has been with his “kind of girlfriend,” Maritza, since 2011. Maritza is hesitant to commit to Ted, and has even gone on dates with other men. Ted wants her to commit solely to him but he doesn’t have the confidence to admit this to her.


FASHION: Ted wears black bib overalls EVERY SINGLE DAY! While his job as an auto mechanic requires casual clothing, he’ll continue to wear these 20 year old overalls out to dinner with Maritza and to family functions.


GROOMING: Ted cuts his hair himself using the fur clippers he used on his dogs! He’ll rarely shower and Maritza complains about his smell and grime so much that she rarely wants to get intimate in the bed.


DESIGN: Everything in the living room is outdated. His furniture looks straight out of a 1980s Florida retirement community AND to top it all off, his love of hunting has him decorating the walls with animal skin and antlers. The only TV in the house is in the bedroom leaving Maritza little excuse to not be in the bedroom at all times.


FOOD: Ted’s diet consists of meat, potatoes, and fresh-caught fish from the lake down the street. Maritza has complained that the house has a fishy odor.


CULTURE: Ted claims he has no time to do anything but work, fish, and have dinner with Maritza. While Maritza also loves to fish, Ted is open to doing whatever it takes to keep her excited and interested in him.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: The Fab Five will love kicking it old school with old man Hoover! Ted loves to get down with Maritza’s gay brother on the dance floor, though his dance skills are lacking.


EVENT: Maritza has a huge family birthday bash this summer and Ted would love to be her date to the party.

Nominator: Maritza Rojas, unofficial girlfriend


  • Maritza loves Ted but she doesn’t know if he can be the confidence, cool, and stable guy she needs. She can tell he would like to be in a more serious relationship, but thinks the grass might be greener elsewhere.