pelissier, 32


Allisun shine

Occupation: Hypnotic Light teacher

Location: Boulder, CO

relationship status: single

social media: Facebook


  • Allison first got involved with hypnagogic light therapy after she first tried it herself at an art gallery. Although she practiced yoga, she never believed in the “new age, hippie kind of life. After trying the Lucia No. 3, it changed Allison’s life. It helped her overcome mental health issues such as her victim complex, PTSD, and depression she experienced from past trauma including the death of her father.

  • Hypnagogic light machine therapy is a meditative light and music therapy experience. She considers it the "legal alternative to ayahuasca" with a similar psychedelic, divine experience that creates a unique visual journey for each “light traveler.



  • Allison believes retreats are an important opportunity for those looking to make a lasting change in their lives because they take a person away from their normal life, allowing them to create a new ecosystem and environment they can fully engage and immerse themselves in.

  • Allison’s goal is to increase interest and awareness for what hypnagogic light machines can do to help folks struggling mentally and emotionally find balance and reconnect with their spirits. She hopes this experience to lead a retreat will be one step towards her goal of creating her own retreat center one day.



  • Allison is currently single and loving it. She ended her last long term relationship after a DMT experience convinced her that her and her boyfriend needed time apart to discover their own journeys separately.

  • Allison considers herself a vivacious person, and she can always be found with a smile on her face. She finds the positive in everything and looks for good vibes only. Allison has a childlike excitement for what the world has to offer, especially in nature.

Relevant work EXPERIENCE:

  • Conducting hypnagogic light machine therapy workshops globally in wellness centers, ayahuasca groups/communities, sensory deprivation centers, retreat centers, and women’s retreats

  • 5 years experience as a teacher for the Lucia No. 3 light machine – has trained 40 Lucia No. 3 machine practitioners in the US, Costa Rica, and Mexico

  • Group cacao ceremonies

  • Sound healing with crystal singing bowls and gongs

  • Yoga training certified from yoga school in Dharmashala, India

  • Energy and vortex healing - Reiki certified practitioner

  • Co-facilitator of retreats with other healers in modalities such as yoga and ayahuasca to create unique wellness programs

  • Master’s degree in international education and development at Sussex University in Brighton, England



  • Allisun’s hyper-bubbly personality will annoy several guests – specifically Briana and Mike!