AGE: 39




  • Courtney’s energy is always at level 10 or above. She does not take herself too seriously and loves to make everyone in the room laugh. She’s a Dallas girl through and through, but don’t let that fool you – her design aesthetic is anything but country.

  • Courtney went to school for social work, and worked in the field for many years before realizing that the creative part of her was dying to get out. Courtney credits her social work background with her ease in helping clients solve their relationship issues.

  • Although she has no formal education and is self-taught, her notoriety as a designer in Dallas began to rise seven years ago when she was courted by many clients and referrals. Eventually she became big enough to start Courtney Warren home, where she has a full-team working for her.

  • Courtney’s describes her style as farmhouse glam with a vintage twist, and considers her specialty theme rooms such as playrooms and ‘man caves.’ Her favorite design installation was a two-story mural of a motorcycle, commissioned by a motorcycle fanatic.

  • She loves to push homeowners outside their comfort zone, and her biggest pet peeve is when they cannot figure out what they want.

  • Courtney is known to jump up and down and scream during a big reveal- she thrives on giving people that wow factor. 

  • Her Dallas home that she shares with her husband and two kids was featured in Better Homes & Gardens in the Best Flea Market Style category, and she has been named one of the top Dallas designers on Houzz.

  • Extremely confident in her work, Courtney wants everything she does to be the best and the greatest. She knows she can give any client the room of their dreams!