You can't buy love


Location: HOBOKEN, NJ

relationship status: SINGLE

social media: Instagram


Michael Sheehan drives a brand new BMW 540, has a beautiful apartment overlooking downtown New York City, several 10-thousand dollar Rolexes and has been to more places than most people in a lifetime, but is realizing money doesn’t buy happiness. He’s perpetually single after an ex cheated on him and sabotages every new relationship because his trust issues.



  • Michael is the only child of a single mom who worked her butt off to put him through school.

  • From an early age, he was determined to do whatever it takes to make good money to repay his mother for all she’s done for him.

  • Money has given Michael freedom to live a full life of no bounds.

  • But money has also hurt Michael. He’s working countless hours on Wall Street and becoming more and more successful, but at the end of the day, he feels empty inside, realizing he has no one to share it all with.



  • Two years ago, Michael had his heart broken by his long-term girlfriend when he found out she was cheating on him with several other men.

  • He’s has major issues trusting women ever since and is super paranoid that women only like him for his money. He sabotages new flings (usually before the third date) because of his lack of trust.

  • Michael believes “dating is a numbers game” and averages 3-4 dates a week with frequent double-headers on the weekend. He goes into every date holding back.

  • He tries to keep the dates as far away from him as humanly possible, and if the date is going badly, he asks her a million questions until basically driving her out of the restaurant.

  • He avoids talking about himself at all costs and admits he’s afraid to open up.

  • He is truly afraid of waking up alone forever, of never having a real relationship, wife, children or family of his own.


  • Michael needs a break. The grind of waking up at 6AM, getting home at 8PM and working his butt off day in day out has taken a toll on him.

  • He wants to find a different perspective on what else is out there.

  • If he can teach himself how to find peace of mind at the retreat, then take that back to the real world, he says that could be huge for his mental health.



  • Michael and Lauren will instantly connect over their bond for travel. Lauren is looking for loyalty just as much as Michael is, so these two could form a friendship or love connection off the bat.

  • Michael will gravitate towards Luke, because they are both young successful men from the same area. Michael will help to chip away at Luke’s fake exterior, especially after he tells him about his dating woes.