Tailor, 33


Occupation: Wellness Coach / Healer

Location: Los angeles, CA

relationship status: single

social media: Instagram


  • Crosby is the founder of The Wildfire Initiative, a wellness collective and meditation experience, with his best friends. His work is centered around movement, kundalini inspired breathing, and deep meditation.

  • Crosby also has vast knowledge of Chinese medicine and herbs, which he has been training in for 8 years. Crosby’s main focus is in reducing stress and inflammation for himself and his clients, especially after the fatigue of living the NYC lifestyle.

  • Crosby works as a fitness coach, and runs his own sugar, gluten, and grain-free dessert company called Crosby’s Cookies. His baked goods are also inspired by his inflammation free lifestyle, full of protein, prebiotic fiber to help feed good bacteria, super-foods, and healthy essential fats.

  • In his early modeling days, Crosby suffered from “manorexia”. When he finally sought treatment, he became obsessed with all things self-care. He tried every diet fad out there from veganism to Paleo, but never found true satisfaction. He then decided to take bits of what he learned from each nutrition experience to create his own unique style of health and fitness coaching. For Crosby, the most important thing about wellness is stepping outside one’s comfort zone.

  • Crosby experiments with psychedelics such as medicinal mushrooms. Other alternative healing treatments he practices are cryotherapy, red light therapy daily, crystals, and biohacking.

  • Crosby describes himself as a “natural born leader”; a quality that gives him success both 
professionally and personally. 
He knows how to tap into a person’s energy and “flip their switch on.”

  • Crosby is a self-proclaimed ladies’ man. He has been single for 5 years, but is constantly surrounded by women, even when he’s not dating. Crosby tends to date younger; his last girlfriend was 18!

  • Crosby’s goal is to continue to help change people’s outlook in life and motivate themselves to live up to their full potential.

relevant work EXPERIENCE:

  • Co-Founder of The Wildfire Initiative, a wellness collective focusing on movement, breathwork and group meditation through weekly meet-ups and retreats

  • The Wildfire Initiative is currently building their own retreat location in Tulum, Mexico

  • 8 years of experience in Chinese medicine and herbs

  • Health and wellness coach for celebrities such as Kat Graham

  • Wellness chef and owner of superfood and inflammation free dessert company Crosby’s Cookies with customers such as Gigi Hadid and Matt Bomer