the separated trophy wife

Occupation: Event planner

Location: miami, fl

relationship status: Separated

social media: Facebook


Katy has had enough of her wealthy husband’s controlling behavior but feels financially trapped. She is desperate for guidance to secure independence from her broken marriage and ascertain self worth.



  • After eight years together, Katy is newly separated from her husband, Mike. 

  • Mike is 17 years older than Katy, and often acts more like a father than a spouse.

  • Shortly after their lavish wedding, Mike forced Katy to move away from her family and friends in New York to a luxury condo in Miami.

  •  Katy now refers to the condo as her “prison in the sky.”

  • Mike’s rules and demands are extreme: Katy isn’t allowed to see her friends, take flights alone, or go to social events without him.

  • Katy moved out because she can no longer stand Mike’s controlling and jealous behavior.

  • Mike feels completely blindsided by Katy’s decision and is begging her to come home

  • Katy is at a complete crossroads with absolutely no idea what to do next. She finds the idea of being a 31-year-old divorcee incredibly embarrassing and “pathetic”.



  • Katy has suffered from extreme anxiety her entire life.

  • She suffers from a compulsive habit of picking her cuticles to the point where they bleed.



  • Katy grew up in the perfect all-american family and had an idealized vision of love and marriage from a young age.

  • In a shock to the entire family, Katy’s father recently left her mother for another woman.

  • Katy is still healing from her parents divorce and fears being “selfish” like her dad for not keeping her commitment to her husband. 



  • Katy is an avid yogi/pilates lover, but she has never dabbled in anything too outside the box. She has been dying to go on a retreat, and realizes that now is the perfect time.



  • Katy and Amanda will bond over their stressful marriages and controlling husbands.

  • Katy is curious to see if anyone can pique her interest romantically – she will be drawn to Crosby’s charisma and knowledge.