Addicted to everything

Occupation: Celebrity Yoga instructor

Location: brooklyn, ny

relationship status: single

social media: Instagram


  • Beth is a recovering drug and alcohol addict who is proudly sober for over two years.

  • Beth worked as a cocktail waitress at a trendy nightclub, and began getting tipped in cocaine and quickly spiraled into a life of partying, sex, and drugs.

  • Beth had multiple boyfriends and sugar daddies to sustain her expensive drug addiction. In exchange for sex, these men bought her designer clothing, shoes, and of course cocaine and liquor.


her WORK:

  • Since becoming sober, Beth has poured her passion and energy into all things yoga! She trains celebrities such as Abbi Jacobson, Lena Dunham, and the Victoria’s Secret Angels.

  • Beth specializes in a wide variety of yoga practices – she claims she’s tried “everything but goat!” – but she’s totally open to it.

  • Beth’s motto for practice is “open your heart.” To her, yoga is a completely sacred and spiritual experience, however it doesn’t always have to be serious. She loves to see her students laugh or cry tears of joy as they push themselves to their limits.

  • Beth openly shares her struggles with addiction with her students. She has worked with many “sober-curious” individuals and helped them break free from the clutches of drugs and alcohol.

  • Despite overcoming her addiction to drinking and drugs, Beth’s penchant for addictive behaviors remains. When she becomes fixated on something or someone, she craves it in excess even if it is love, sex or mangoes.



  • Beth has told first dates that she loves them.  Her exuberance and passion knows no bounds—and many people are put off by it.

  • Being in her late 30’s Beth says her biological clock is ticking very loudly. She desperately wants children, and to reel in a man who isn’t afraid of her impulsive

relevant EXPERIENCE:

  • Beth is a certified yoga instructor and has led dozens of retreats around the world in places like India, Italy, South America, and the United States.

  • Beth completed her 200-hour training in Vinyasa.

  • Beth studied Thai massage in Thailand.

  • Beth has taught yoga in Cambodia at a women’s empowerment camp.

  • Beth is trained on how to work with women who have experienced trauma.

  • Beth has completed her 50-hour training in breath work and meditation.

  • Beth has taught classical hatha yoga mixed with Taoist theory, sacred geometry, magic, mythology, metaphor, and imagination designed to potentiate personal well-being.

  • Beth has completed her 70-hour Katonah training in Italy.



  • Beth’s beauty and spirit might make Crosby change his rules when it comes to dating women in their 30s

  • Beth will encourage Briana to put down the booze and face her inner demons.