Donavanik, 31

THE perfectionist

Occupation: Personal Trainer

Location: Hollywood, CA

relationship status: single

social media: Instagram



Mike needs to break free from the crippling anxiety imposed on him by his perfectionist parents. He craves intimacy but his fear of vulnerability is paralyzing and prevents Mike from attaining everything from career success to authentic relationships. 



  • Raised by strict immigrant parents from Thailand, Mike faced an immense about of pressure to be perfect while growing up. He was expected to get straight As, excel in athletics, and attend a top university.

  • Despite having a great career, he still feels like a little boy trying to win the approval of his parents

  • Mike hasn’t spoken to his Dad in over a year. He has never officially come out to his dad as gay, but knows his has mother told him. He feels his dad doesn’t approve, but he’s a point in his life where he’s done trying to make him happy.

  • His strained relationship with his father has affected the type of men he dates. His last two boyfriends were recovering addicts and Mike wanted to help “fix” them. His need to be “the fixer” stems from the fact that he can’t fix what’s going on in his own life.



  • Mike says nothing he does is ever “good enough”. He deals with aggression and anger issues. He admits to having a “temper” and lashing out/throwing things when he loses his cool. His aggressive personality causes him to always push himself to do more even when there’s nothing more to be done.

  • He also suffers from major anxiety as he as has the urge to always be on his feet and not sit still.  

  • He lives his life constantly on the go and anytime he isn’t being productive in regards to his career, he thinks it’s a waste of time.  He can’t watch movies or go dates without feeling like he’s supposed to be doing something else.

  • Mike has tried traditional therapy to help deal with his feelings of stress, anxiety and rage, but it hasn’t helped much.  He’s looking forward to experimenting with alternative methods!



  • Mike runs a successful YouTube channel where he shares work-out tutorials and fitness tips with his subscribers.



  • Mike loves fitness, but often makes fun of “yogis” and “retreats”.  The idea of sitting still and meditating is literally his personal version of hell. However, he knows he HAS to make a change, and is ready to push himself outside of his comfort zone.



  • Type-A Mike will butt heads with Crosby’s “guru” persona.

  • Mike will find allies in Katy and Amanda, individuals who share the struggle of keeping up appearances.

  • Although Mike and Ricky both grew up in conservative households with immigrant parents and happen to be gay – they couldn’t be more different from each other. Will their shared qualities unite them, or will they push them even further apart?