Age: 28

Occupation: Dairy Farmer

Location: Lacygne, KS

Relationship Status: Single


Hailing from a family of lawyers, Farmer Joe often feels like the odd man out amongst his parents and siblings. Joe bought a large plot of land six months ago, and he is creating his very own blackberry farm – LaCygne Lake Farm. When he’s not at work on his own land, he works part-time at a nearby dairy farm. Joe is feeling the pressure to prove to his family that his farm will be a success! 


FASHION: Sister-in-law April believes that Joe doesn’t always need to look like a farmer. Joe will wear ugly farm boots, trucker hats, and off-brand dickies shirts to family dinners and formal events. Most of his clothing is covered in “farm stains” and he can’t remember the last time he went shopping for clothing.


GROOMING: Joe’s mutton-chop beard and greasy bowl cut often leave people thinking he is Amish. His friends and family question his commitment to hygiene.


DESIGN: Joe lives in a run-down RV on his land. He is planning to eventually build a small house on the property, but the RV will have to do for now. It’s very dirty, smelly, and uninviting and as a result Joe never has guests visit.


FOOD: Joe’s meals are usually centered around the rich cheese he brings home from the dairy farm. April is convinced Joe’s diet must be 70% cheese and whatever else he can get for free at the farm. Cooking in the RV is quite difficult since Joe doesn’t have a full kitchen.


CULTURE: Joe is a conservative guy. He is an NRA member and Trump supporter. Joe believes white men are getting the short end of the stick these days. Nominator April believes he needs to expand his horizons and to learn to be more sensitive to those who may disagree with his political views.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: The guys will have their work cut out for them on Joe’s farm. Antoni can teach Joe how to make well-balanced meals within the confines of the RV and Tan can teach him how to be ‘farm chic.’


EVENT: Joe would love to invite his family to his first Blackberry Sale once the crop comes in this summer.

Nominator: April Schendel, Sister-In-Law


  • April wants Joe to know he has the support of his family. She wants nothing more than for him to have success and happiness.