Age: 32

Occupation: Owner of Red Barn Ranch

Location: Harrisonville, MO

Relationship Status: Divorced


Matt is the owner and operator of “Red Barn Ranch”, a family-friendly pumpkin patch that hosts ‘picking’ , alpaca feedings, and many other fall activities. The farm is situated on the vast Moreland family farm acreage – home to over 700 dairy cows! Matt lives in a house on the property alongside his dad’s house and his Uncle Jam’s house. All three men oversee the daily operations of the historic family farm. Last August, Matt came home from a farm convention and was shocked to discover that his wife and two young children (ages 5 and 18 months) were missing. Matt was completely blindsided by his wife’s decision to leave him. He is coping with being the first Moreland to ever get divorced. Further complicating matters, Matt ‘s ex was a 50% partner in the pumpkin patch and she wants him to buy her out. At present, he cannot afford to do so and the farm in at risk of being shut down. If he is able to have a successful fall season, there’s a chance the patch can stay alive!


FASHION: Matt admits he dresses like a stereotypical farm boy. His wardrobe staples include carpenter jeans, worn-out flannels, and dirty boots. He is completely oblivious about the latest fashion trends. Nominator Lacey would love to see him get with the times and rock some skinny jeans!


GROOMING: It’s easy to spot Matt from a mile away due to his bushy and bright ginger ‘do. Matt’s mom cuts his hair and trims his beard when she notices it’s getting too gnarly. Matt’s bathroom is devoid of products. He usually hops out of the shower, throws a trucker hat on, and goes about his day.


DESIGN: When Matt’s ex left she took a lot of the furniture and décor with her. The house is very “ramshackle” with mismatched furniture and random cow art on the walls. Built in the early ‘90s the house has some odd fixtures including a heart-shaped sink in the master bathroom!


FOOD: Matt’s fridge is bare, but his freezer is stocked! His go-to meals are frozen pizzas and chicken nuggets. He can’t remember the last time he used the oven to cook something.


CULTURE: Matt identifies as a conservative republican, but says there are many misconceptions about that label. He admits to not knowing much about gay culture, but he has no problem with the life choices people make for themselves. A gay couple wanted to host their wedding at Matt’s farm, and while he only had a momentary hesitation, his ex-wife was completely against it. He realizes in hindsight this argument foreshadowed their divorce.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Matt can give our Fab 5 deep insight into the heart of rural and conservative America.


EVENT: Fall at Red Barn Ranch is jam packed with seasonal activities and festivals that bring Matt’s family and community members together!

Nominator: Lacey Domnick, childhood friend


  • Lacey has known Matt since they were kids in 4H together! She has been by his side during this roller coaster of a year. Lacey knows Matt puts on a happy face every day, but is truly hurting inside.  She wants to see him properly grieve the end of his marriage and put this chapter behind him.