AGE: 33 & 51

LOCATION: 2368 Achilles Drive, West Hollywood, CA 90046



  • Sunny and Bob’s house is stylish, sexy, and sophisticated with the exception of their eclectic living room. Their coffee table is the only item that Sunny likes in the room, however Bob says it’s not safe for their toddler to be around. Sunny absolutely hates the TV stand, which was Bob’s when he was previously a bachelor and describes it as being hideous.

  • Their son has drawn on the walls, they have rental-looking blinds, and their sofa is completely out of place with the rest of the room. They would love the room to be glamorous while still being kid-friendly and a space that the whole family can enjoy.



  • When they moved in, Sunny and her interior designer decorated their entire house, with the exception of the living room. The living room was never completed because their designer “broke up with her” and said, “it’s not you, it’s me.” Sunny is the ultimate penny pincher, and the designer left the project over budget issues. 

  • When it comes to their home, Bob is easy going and is fine with anything Sunny wants, as long as there’s a sofa and big TV. Sunny is the polar opposite - she is hard to please and expects designers to give her lavish styles and designs for nearly nothing.