• Dr. Ramani Durvasula is a clinical psychologist and Professor of Psychology. Her focus is geared toward understanding the connection between the mental and the physical and has experience working with patients who predominantly suffer from severe stress, anxiety or PTSD.

  • She’s worked with a variety of patients who have severe personality disorders- mainly diagnosing and treating narcissists.

  • She’s spent a number of years working with ex-cult members who were looking to be “de-programmed”.

  • She received her Masters and PhD in Psychology from the esteemed UCLA.

  • Dr. Ramani is an acclaimed author who has written books on living with individuals with personality disorders as well as a different approach to food addictions. 


  • In 2003, she received the Emerging Scholar Award presented by the American Association of University Women and the CSULA “Distinguished Woman” Award.

  • She did a wide variety of externships, where she worked with both kids and adults and then did a long-term internship at the UCLA  Neuropsychiatric Institute.