• Dr. Chaghouri is a board certified psychiatrist with extensive experience in anxiety, stress, trauma, and panic disorders. He also specializes in forensic psychiatry and has worked with patients in the prison system.

  • He earned his medical degree from the Keck School of Medicine at the University of Southern California where he also served as Chief Resident in psychiatric emergency services.

  • His clinical work focuses on the treatment of co-occuring psychiatric disorders. He also has extensive experience consulting and providing expert opinions for individuals standing trial. 

  • He uses a blend of psychodynamic therapies and behavioral/cognitive therapies to help his patients.


  • He pursued psychiatry as a career in order to cope with his own family dynamics growing up.

  •  He enjoys working within the prison system and with more dangerous individuals. He feels that everyone has the potential to change in a more positive direction with the right therapy.

  • He’s worked with many individuals struggling with drug addiction and often connects addiction with behavioral disorders.