• Dr. Ken Redcross is an Internal Medicine physician with his own concierge practice based out of New Rochelle, NY.

  • While Dr. Ken has an expertise in internal issues, his major focus is how to best provide the ultimate patient experience. Hence, he created a concierge practice where he makes house calls and even travels cross- country to provide the best medical care.

  • He’s worked with a diverse group of patients- from migrant workers to patients battling drug addiction, to some of the most elite and well-known athletes and upper-crust socialites.

  • He completed his medical training at the prestigious Columbia-Presbyterian Medical Center, followed by providing care in rural Oxnard, CA. He then transitioned to the renowned Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Beverly Hills, during which time he received the Man of Valor Award from the NAACP Youth Council for excellence in medicine.


  • Dr. Ken participated in medical fellowships in Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. He is a fluent Spanish speaker and uses any opportunity to use it.

  • He embraces both natural and alternative methods of healing in his practice, connecting spirituality, movement and nutrition.