• Dr. Brown has specialized in general medicine for over 10 years. Her experience includes everything from performing surgery to treating and diagnosing concerns related to the body.

• She attended Emory University school of Medicine and then later became a physician there.

•  For three years she was a Medical Officer in the Army, traveling the world caring for soldiers in extreme conditions.

• She regularly treated injuries caused by gunshots and explosions.  In addition, treated soldiers suffering from combat related disorders like stress, trauma, and PTSD

• Became the Director of Undergraduate Medical Education, Ambulatory Care at Emory University school of Medicine while also running a private practice.

• Recently quit her practice to become a health care consultant and to run the business from home.


•  Became a Doctor because her family could not afford doctors growing up. She wanted to be able to understand medical care herself.

•  Says school always came easy to her. She took advanced classes in High School and ended up going to college at the age of 15. 

•  In the past she has had to treat lion attacks in Africa.