• Dr. Conte is an accomplished mental health specialist in the field of emotional management.

  • He has a PhD in Counselor Education and is a licensed professional counselor.

  • He spends a lot of time working with inmates in solitary confinement. These inmates struggle with intense anxiety, trauma, and depression.

  • He has studied confirmation bias in solitary confinement inmates and has seen firsthand that the mind can create hallucinations.

  • He is the creator of the Yield Theory, which is a form of psychotherapy aimed at understanding how a person’s cognitive functioning and life experiences impact every choice they make.


  • Dr. Conte puts a big emphasis on trust in a patient-doctor relationship. He uses his rough appearance to his advantage to make his patients feel more comfortable and more willing to open up.

  • When his patients claim to be seeing things, his approach is to respect their experience. He never tells them that what they’re seeing is not real.

  • He was a school counselor at one point and worked with kids who suffered from sleep deprivation.