• Dr. Justin James is a board certified clinical psychiatrist who works both in the ER at NYU Langone and also has his own private practice in New York City.

  • He received his medical training from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine. After matriculating from medical school, he received his first two years of residency at Thomas Jefferson University Hospital, then later moved to New York to complete training at Staten Island University Hospital-Northwell Health. 

  • His expertise is focused on patients that have anxiety, high stress, fear, depression and PTSD. He also performs psychiatric evaluations for patients in crisis at NYU Langone’s ER.

·      He has a specialty of blending psychodynamic therapies and behavioral/cognitive therapies.


  • He pursued psychiatry initially to grapple with some of his own family dynamics growing up.

  • He prefers to work in the ER as he likes fast-paced environments and the wide variety of patients.

  • He deals with life and death scenarios regularly and has even brought patients back from the verge of suicide.