AGE: 30

LOCATION: 5232 Corteen Place #17, Valley Village, CA 91607



  • Nick’s master bathroom is small, out-of-style and not properly functional. The water from the shower drips for 30 minutes every time it’s used, and there’s no storage to hold any of his items. The outdated look doesn’t go with the rest of his newly remodeled condo, and the cabinets are worn down and refuse to close.

  • Nick would love a double vanity to help remove all the unwanted clutter, which is currently taking up all his counter space. He prefers neutral tones and needs an organizational system to keep all of his products tidy and accessible.



  • Nick is a young professional who recently purchased his own property. He’s a cosmetic chemist who helps premiere beauty brands come up with new products. Due to his profession, his bathroom is covered with different types of beauty products and samples, which take up all the counter space. This causes a huge problem because he throws samples out that he should be referencing for his job.

  • The former homeowners are an older couple who still check in to make sure their previously owned home is properly cared for. It was Nick’s dream to purchase an outdated property and revamp it to make it his own. The master bathroom is the last piece of the puzzle to complete his vision.