Age: 27

Occupation: Co-Founder of VCP

Location: Lee's Summit, MO (25 min. from KC)

Relationship Status: Married


Brandonn is a veteran who joined the army in 2009, serving in Afghanistan in the 82nd Airborne Division. In 2013 he was medically discharged after sustaining a back injury during combat. Since returning home, he suffers from PTSD but gets by with the support of his fellow army veterans, Bryan Meyer and Chris Stout. They started their own non-profit in 2015 called Veterans Community Project (VCP), which specializes in building tiny homes for homeless veterans. With their program growing nationally, Brandonn needs to look the part of a CEO in order to prove the program’s credibility to potential investors.


FASHION: Brandonn’s stained, ratty outfits forced his co-founders to implement a dress code for work meetings. The code is simple, no shorts and no t-shirts, yet Brandonn can’t seem to follow it. He always shows up to important events in mismatched shorts, belts, shoes, and jackets. For his convenience, Brandonn keeps clothes in his car, so everything is constantly wrinkled.


GROOMING: Brandonn’s idea of a shower is taking a dip in the lake in his backyard! His friends refer to him as “pigpen” since there is always a ball of dust following him around. He never uses products and has a hard time maintaining his facial hair.


DESIGN: Brandonn has a spacious house with his wife and three kids: Ashtonn (5), Novaa (2), Marley (6 months).  The rooms are sparsely decorated and filled wall-to-wall with toys and clutter. Brandonn spends all of his free time remodeling the basement. He’ll work 14-hour days and stay up all night spackling and painting.  The plan is to make it a theater/game room, but the project is taking much longer than anticipated.


FOOD: Brandonn eats tacos every single day! It is his favorite food and he can’t get by without it. He’ll hit up Jack in the Box for tacos at 8am instead of cooking breakfast.


CULTURE: Brandonn is a car enthusiast and a self-proclaimed “skater dude.” He loves working on engines and surfing on his lake. His culture diet consists mostly of Pixar movies that his kids watch.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Karamo has experience raising money for charitable organizations and can definitely give Brandonn tips on getting more people involved.


EVENT: Bryan and Chris want to throw a HUGE fundraiser for their non-profit as they are planning on opening a community center and 35 tiny homes for the veterans in their program by the end of 2018. They know unveiling the new Brandonn at a big event with investors, like Coke and Sam Adams, would be a huge push to help the expansion of their program.

Nominators: Bryan Meyer and Chris Stout, Co-Founders of VCP


  • Bryan and Chris are tired of making sure Brandonn looks presentable before meeting investors. They want the Fab 5 to help him be the face of the program!