AGE: 45 & 50

LOCATION: 7751 Bonner Ave, Sun Valley 91753



  • At Oscar and Daron’s house, they have a back room that was added on by the previous owners. It’s an awkward layout, which is why they haven’t used the room properly. Currently it’s their “everything” room and a place for their dog to lounge.

  • Ideally, they want this backroom to transform into their master bedroom since it’s the only room that has a bathroom attached. Oscar has a hard time getting rid of items that have any sentimental value to him, which is one of the reasons the room is a mixture of everything.



  • Daron and Oscar couldn’t be more different from each other. Oscar grew up in California with a large and loud carefree family, and Daron grew up in Tennessee and was in the military. They have a one-year-old baby boy and have been married for four years.

  • They originally were going to have twins through a surrogate, however they lost one of the babies during a miscarriage. The ideal plan is to have Oscar and Daron move into the back room and turn their current bedroom into another nursery for the next baby they plan on having.