AGE: 41

LOCATION: 14526 Weddington Street #109, Sherman Oaks 91411



  • Erin and her two adopted daughters spend all their time in the living room. Over the last few years, it has become a hodgepodge of items from the girls and from when Erin was married to her ex-husband. She’s looking for a fresh look to match her new life as a single mother.

  • The blinds don’t close, there’s a large stain on their Ikea couch and the play area is a free-for-all. Erin likes to entertain friends, but it’s far from ideal and so she doesn’t have company over often. This room is where everyone spends their time, and is the first room seen when entering the house – it desperately needs a refreshing change.



  • Erin and her ex-husband had always wanted children but weren’t able to conceive. They became foster parents and adopted one daughter together. When her ex-husband realized this wasn’t the life he wanted, he left their family. Now Erin is raising their child they adopted together and another young girl who she adopted on her own. 

  • Erin is a strong, independent mother who has a great attitude on her new life.  She loves her new house, successful career, and has recently started entering the dating scene.