Spiritually Curious

Occupation: Just quit her job

at sotheby's realty

Location: New York, nY

relationship status: Single

social media: Instagram


After suffering a minor mental breakdown/panic attack, Audrey quit her high-paying real estate job in search for something that will bring her true joy and happiness. She thought if she checked all the boxes and had a “dope job”, Gucci bags, and Louboutins she was winning at life, but all those having those things just made her feel empty inside. Audrey’s knowledge of all things spiritual is slightly #basic. She was “deeply moved” by an Eckhart Tolle book, but her desire to learn more is truly limitless. She is willing to try anything and everything to fulfill her mind, spirit, and body.



  • Audrey is the “black sheep” of her family.  While she is boisterous, emotional, and a “mess” – her parents and siblings are super reserved, quiet, and emotionally-stable.

  • Two years ago, Audrey left her quaint Bay Area suburb to make it big in the NYC real estate scene. 

  • She’s hustled for agencies such as BOLD NY and Sotheby’s. While the paychecks have been lofty, her happiness has consistently plummeted since chasing her supposed dream.

  • Audrey left her job last week and immediately felt a weight lifted from her shoulders. However, she is terrified that she has NO IDEA what she’s going to do next.


Spiritual curiosity

  • Audrey has suffered from anxiety and panic attacks since she was a teenager.

  • Substances such as caffeine and alcohol trigger her breakdowns, so she tried to abstain from them.

  • Audrey is against western medicine and refuses to take pills to mute her symptoms.

  • She has tried traditional talk therapy, but feels it can only take you so far.

  • She is beyond thrilled to embark on a spiritual journey and exorcise her deepest demons.

  • Audrey went to Catholic school for twelve years, and still identifies with the religion. She “attends” Mass every Sunday by watching services on her phones.

  • Audrey struggles with the idea of believing in God vs. believing in the Universe.



  • Audrey has terrible luck in the love department. She’s been “ghosted” by nearly every guy she’s dated while living in New York.

  • Audrey has a tendency to date older men and “damaged” guys.

  • She is admittedly guy-crazy, but knows she needs to work on herself before she can find true love.



  • Audrey is a self-help novice, but she’s ready to dive in headfirst.  She is on the beginning of her spiritual journey and can’t wait to uncover things about herself.



  • Audrey will have a major crush on Sam and try to help him through his grief.

  • Audrey will butt heads with Briana who has a tendency to be rude.