Couples therapy

Occupation: Retired Marine

& Real estate

Location: Huntersville, NC

relationship status: Married

social media: FACEBOOK

JEFFORDS, 30 & 35


Josh & Cat Jeffords are trying to save their 4-year marriage after bouts of infidelity on either side. They’re currently trying to make it work, but the relationship is on thin ice. If they don’t get help from an unbiased third party, their relationship will crash and burn.



  • Cat and Josh couldn’t be more dissimilar. Cat, who hails from Philadelphia, describes herself as “a harsh Northerner” and describes her husband, Josh, as “a Southern Belle.”

  • It was a strong case of opposites attract when this former Marine met model & bartender Cat through mutual friends in 2012.

  • They dated for less than a year before getting engaged, and got married 6-months later. It was a whirlwind courtship.


Marital Problems:

  • Two years into the marriage, the two started having issues. Cat said it felt like they became roommates, and rumors started flying from random women who told Cat that Josh was cheating.

  • When Josh’s dad got sick, he rushed to the scene. But Cat decided to work a bartending shift instead. Distraught about his father and angry with his wife, Josh admittedly had a one-night stand.

  • Their marriage spiraled and Cat moved back home into her parents’ house in Pennsylvania.

  • One weekend at a race Cat was modeling for, Cat and a stranger hit it off. They ended up having a one-night stand. That encounter turned into a 6-month affair.


The aftermath:

  • September 2017, Josh found out about the affair and Cat’s life was turned upside down.

  • Josh filed for separation from Cat and sued the man for ruining his marriage. The tabloids picked up the story because this man is a professional football player.

  • Cat’s name was dragged through the mud on sites like TMZ, Barstool and Philly Mag.

  • The hype grew and the affair ended, and Cat came back to Josh in North Carolina. Josh says he’s tried everything to push Cat away, but Cat has stuck by his side unwilling to let anything tear them apart.

  • Josh says some days they’re okay and other days he turns the house upside down out of rage.

  • It’s been over a year since everything happened, and Josh has dropped the separation. These two are actively working on their marriage, but need a third party perspective on how to move on.



  • Neither Cat nor Josh have been to a wellness retreat, but they are willing to try anything if it will give them the clarity they need to move forward or quit their marriage.



  • When Cat steps foot at the retreat, heads will turn. Luke Hawksworth will bust out his charm, and based on her track record, there’s a very good chance his efforts could be reciprocated.

  • Cat & Katy will bond over whether they should leave their husbands or stay in their marriages.

  • Robin has been married & divorced three times, so she will give Cat the motherly advice she needs!