AGE: 39

LOCATION: Ft. Lauderdale, FL



  • As a college student at the University of Miami, Alena loved designing her dorm rooms and apartments in wild and bold prints. However, her passion for interior design never came to fruition because she was busy pursuing dance. She went on to cheer for the Miami Dolphins, and after two years, realized it was not the path she wanted to pursue.

  • At 25, Alena moved back to New York City to live with her parents to start her career in interior design. She started as a design assistant making $10 an hour while she earned her interior design degree through night courses.

  • When the recession hit, Alena lost her stable job at a big interior design firm and was inspired to open her own business in 2007 called Alena Capra Design.

  • Alena’s design aesthetic is modern, bright and eclectic. She is obsessed with using wallpaper – she has never done a project without it!

  • She has branded herself “the Queen of Bathrooms,” as this was her specialty at the start of her career. She knows every style of tile and make/model of toilet there is.

  • Alena’s firm has taken her all over the country, and she counts many NFL & MLB superstars among her clientele (one of her favorite projects: a sneaker vault!)

  • Her work is featured in many publications, such as Better Homes & Gardens and the Chicago Tribune. She’s also a staple on many local news broadcasts in the Miami/Fort Lauderdale area as a design expert.

  • A self-described “Type A+++ planner,” Alena is used to working at lightning speeds and under immense pressure. She is hyper-competitive, and strives to break her own records. She plans on winning many times throughout the course of the competition.