AGE: 43 & 49

LOCATION: 2542 Prosser Ave, Los Angeles 90064



  • Debbe and Darren need to have their bedroom re-designed now that Darren is moving into Debbe’s home. They’re engaged and sleeping in the same bed that Debbe used to share with her ex-husband, who coincidentally, was also named Darren. Not only is it awkward for (new) Darren, but there’s also a huge yellow stain on the bed! Needless to say, Darren is ready for a space that they can call their own.

  • The carpet in the bedroom is completely stained and worn down. All of the bedroom furniture has scratches and marks on it from years of use. The walls haven’t been painted in over 13 years and they use three different closets throughout the house since their bedroom closet isn’t big enough for the both of them.



  • Debbe and Darren were both previously married and have children with their exes. They are now engaged and ready to take the next steps with their kids. Darren and his son will be moving into Debbe’s home with her two children. They’re both nervous and excited to have a blended family.

  • Debbe and Darren have very different personalities, which work for them. Debbe is very intense and demanding, while Darren is logical and reasonable. When it comes to home design, Darren likes a clean and modern look and Debbe likes a glamorous look.