Age: 42

Occupation: Founder of KC's Latino Arts Festival

Location: Breen Hills, MO

Relationship Status: Married


Deanna Munoz is a proud Chicana who grew up in KCK and recently moved to the suburbs of KCMO. Moving the family to the ‘burbs was a difficult decision, but the right thing for the family. Deanna got pregnant at age 16, but nothing has stopped her from educating herself and making a good life for her children. Family means everything to her. Today, she is married to Aaron Munoz, owner of One of A Kind custom paint and body shop. He owns a custom, award-winning lowrider named Family Affair. Deanna eats, sleeps, and breathes Chicana culture. She spends most of her time doting on her three kids and attending lowrider events around town!


FASHION: Deanna loves shopping at ‘teen’ stores such as Aeropostale and Forever 21.  Her husband Aaron jokes that it’s not Forever 41. She loves to wear things that signal lowrider culture, like her Cortez sneakers. She needs to wear eyeglasses, but chooses not to.


GROOMING: Deanna wakes up at 4am everyday to start her grooming routine. She typically spends 90 minutes in the bathroom getting ready. She is incredibly insecure about her looks.  Her make-up routine has been the same since she’s 12-years-old! She loves fake eyelashes, winged eyeliner, and heavy foundation/blush. teases her over-processed bleach blonde hair everyday and it’s very dry and damaged. Her friends call her “Mexican Barbie”! She shaved her eyebrows when she was in 8th grade and they never grew back!


DESIGN: Deanna’s house is merely a crash pad for her on-the-go family. She desperately needs to learn how to organize her life. Her bedroom and office are overflowing with papers, clothes, and knick-knacks. Deanna needs a proper workspace to take her festival to the next level.


FOOD: Deanna NEVER cooks. The family eats dinner every night at Deanna’s Mother-In-Law’s house. When people come to Deanna’s they know to bring their own food, spices, cutting board – etc. She has nothing! All the food in the house is frozen or processed. Her fear of cooking originated after she had food poisoning as a teenager – she’s afraid she will make her family sick from her cooking!


CULTURE: From her hair to her makeup to her clothes, Deanna is 150% chicana. Unfortunately this comes with a lot of stares and stereotyping. She’s deeply hurt by rumors that her family is involved with drugs.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: JVN will have to get this bleach blonde back to her roots!


EVENT: Deanna is the face of the KC Latino Arts Festival, an event that takes place every September. Deanna is terrified of speaking in public and she’s having a hard time taking the reins of this important festival that she created.

Nominator: Dalinuel Marquez, son


  • Dalinuel is so humbled by his mom’s unstoppable commitment to her family and the Hispanic community in Kansas City.  He wants nothing more than for her to embrace her natural beauty!