Age: 33

Occupation: Medicare Broker

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Married


Steve is four years sober after battling a ten-year opioid addiction. After nearly overdosing, he checked himself into rehab for two weeks to get clean once and for all. He regularly attends NA meetings and has completely sworn off alcohol. A bassist in three metal bands, Steve is actively involved in the KC nightlife scene. He worries that his friends think he isn’t “fun Steve” anymore since he’s calmed his ways. He wants them to know he’s the same person, just trying to improve himself.


FASHION: Steve only wears obscure band t-shirts and jeans that are so worn out the crotch is ripped. He says once you start wearing a suit or khakis, your life is over. He tries to hold onto his youth through his wardrobe.


GROOMING: Steve takes 30-minute showers, but doesn’t wash his hair. After the shower, he throws on the same burgundy beanie everyday, even at his new insurance job he started last week. He doesn’t use products or trim his beard.


DESIGN: Steve and Joanna have a spacious two-bedroom apartment that is decorated with tiny dorm room furniture that was all given to them as gifts. The floor is usually covered with records.


FOOD: Steve’s nickname is “street snacks.” All he knows how to cook is a cheeseburger and bacon and eggs. He’s the Ron Swanson of Kansas City! He would LOVE to learn how to make a mocktail for him to have when he hangs out with friends who are drinking because he is constantly being excluded from plans because of his sobriety.


CULTURE: Though he’s in metal bands, Steve also loves soul music and going to different kinds of concerts. But, his favorite TV show is Trailer Park Boys…Joanna has to force him to watch her favorite HBO shows. Because he does not drink, it is difficult for him to want to socialize and go to cool KC hang out spots because it always revolves around drinking.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: Antoni and Tan both abstain from alcohol and can speak to Steve about the social pressures and judgments that surround this issue.


EVENT: Steve’s metal band, Inner Alter, is playing a huge concert on August 3rd and all of his friends and family will be there. He wants to show everyone that he can still “rock out” despite him not being able to drink.

Nominator: Joanna Snook-Snow, wife


  • Joanna worries that Steve never focuses on himself. Because his drug addiction slowed his transition into adulthood, Joanna wants Steve to finally worry about himself and grow into the man she knows he can be. Steve supports Joanna through dental school and she would like to show him her support, as well by making him the confident guy he so desperately wants to be.