Age: 48

Occupation: Processor for an Insurance Broker

Location: Glenolden, PA

Relationship Status: Married


Jennifer Sweeney is a busy mom to three daughters and full-time caregiver to husband, John, who was diagnosed with ALS in 2010. Jennifer went from stay-at-home mom to full-time provider, oftentimes working overtime, and going straight from work to doctor's appointments to helping John with his medicine at night. Their daughters, Dana, Rachel & Ashley each pitch in where they can, but with two in college, and one close-behind, they worry about their mother and see how rundown she is! Jennifer won't let anyone help her with laundry or chores and she puts a lot of stress on herself. Her girls are asking the Fab Five to intervene and teach Jennifer it's okay to sometimes put yourself first!


WHY NOW: Jennifer doesn't know how much longer she will have the emotional support of her husband. With his illness inevitably progressing, she needs to take steps to prepare for the future. Most importantly, she needs to learn to love herself again.


FASHION: Jennifer hasn't gone shopping in about a decade. Her go-to is a college sweatshirt and jeans. She lets her daughters shop for her at Kohl's and Target, but won't get rid of her hand-me-down big, baggy, floral blouses that her girls say, "have too many colors and are weird."

GROOMING: Hair, nails and makeup has definitely fallen on the back burner. Jennifer's hair used to be blonde and bouncy, but over the past 3 years, she's let it go completely gray. She has a giant gray patch right in the middle of her head that her girls lovingly call her "skunk stripe." She hasn't gone to the salon in years.

DESIGN: The Sweeneys own a Philadelphia row home that they've lived in for 25+ years. Lately, it's been hard for Jennifer to keep up with the cleaning after a long day at work. Jennifer's oldest daughter, Dana went to school for design, but alas, she won't let her daughter give her any advice when it comes to home decor.

FOOD: Jennifer only uses the crockpot, because she knows she can leave it sitting all day. Her girls say their dad does most of the cooking (which they prefer!), but his go-to is usually spaghetti and meatballs. They'd love to learn how to make some veggies and prepare a 4-course meal for their parents.

CULTURE: Despite John's diagnosis, the Sweeney family is a positive, upbeat unit who pride themselves on having each other's backs. Jennifer and John have kept up their sense of humor through it all, but Jennifer could really use a check-in from The Fab Five to show her it's okay to give up the reigns, delegate the responsibilities, and take some time for herself!

EVENT:  ALS Charity Walk

Nominators: Dana, Rachel & Ashley (Jennifer’s daughters)

  • Dana, 22, Rachel, 20 and Ashley, 18 are crying out to the Fab Five for help. They want the Fab Five to give their hard working mother the TLC she deserves after taking care of their little family for so long.