Age: 33

Occupation: General Contractor

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Married


Idris is one of the founding members of the 816 Bicycle Collective – a nonprofit that repairs and recycles bikes for lower-income individuals and families. Many of the people who utilize the bicycles depend on them for transportation to/from work due to KC’s poor public transit system and the expense of owning a car. The organization has grown massively over the past five years, and the collective is moving into a new space! The space happens to be right next to the home Idris shares with his wife, Manya, and children, Juniper  (2) and Ordune (3 months). Being of Afghani descent, and the son of an immigrant, Idris has experienced racial profiling in KC. Idris feels driven to help minorities in KC, and feels that the bike collective is just the first step.  Manya believes Idris can create change in the community, he just needs a push in the right direction.


FASHION: Idris is a “dirty biker punk” who doesn’t know how to dress conventionally. His wardrobe is limited to extra large carhartt shits and janky thrift store finds. Idris always wears shirts that are too large because he is self-conscious about his “man boobs.” He has one “nice” dress shirt , but Manya says it’s covered in stains. Idris never does laundry and he’ll rewear the same pair of socks and pants for days a time. Idris doesn’t like wearing underwear so he’ll often “free ball” it.


GROOMING: Manya swears Idris has washed his hair less than five times in the past four years. She says he has beautiful, thick hair, but he leaves grease when he leans against windows, and on all the collars of his shirts. He is against using shampoo and products. He will get his haircut at the barber, but he doesn’t let them use shampoo or products.  He does nothing to maintain his scraggly beard. Manya hates that Idris doesn’t use deodorant – she claims he has a body odor problem.


DESIGN: Idris lives with his family in a 1500 sq foot loft space above a tattoo parlor. They have lived in the space for three years and it is still unfinished. There are extension cord construction lights instead of actual lighting/lamps, and tiling, grouting, painting, etc. that still needs to be done.  There is a lot of unused furniture and clutter around the house.


FOOD: In four years, Idris has NEVER made his wife or children a meal.  He lives off pb&j and fast food.


CULTURE: Idris and Manya haven’t been on a proper date since before the kids were born. When Idris isn’t helping out with the bike collective, he’s busy working. With two under two  - there’s little time for romance or R & R.


FAB FIVE CONNECTION: All five guys love to use their influence for a greater cause- Idris has the potential to influence his community, but needs to learn how to effectively reach them.


EVENT: The 816 Bike Collective is slated to have their grand opening party this fall. Being a founding member, it would be a great opportunity for Idris to reveal his new look to his friends, family, and community members.    

Nominator: Manya Raoufi, wife


  • Manya hates seeing Idris not live up to his potential. The man she fell in love with was wild, carefree, and passionate. The Idris she knows now is unmotivated and uninspired. She knows the Fab 5 can teach him how to be the best version of himself!