Age: 69

Occupation: Retired Truck Driver

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Single


After 46 years in the truck driving business, 69-year-old Grover Spearman has just retired. A Vietnam Vet and a father of three grown children, he has dedicated his life to his country and his family and he’s finally ready to live his truth…as an eligible bachelor! Grover lives in a high-rise in KCMO’s upscale Plaza district. His daughter, Sada, likes to say her father “lives like George Jefferson with Fred Sanford’s stuff.” Grover became a grandpa to three in the last year, but with an apartment full of rusty workout equipment, “adult” magazines and hazardous furniture, Grover’s children refuse to let their babies visit him. After losing their mom in 2016, it's Sada and her brothers’ mission to spend time together as a family!


FASHION: Grover didn't get a nickname like "Grooves" for no reason. In the 70's he was one fly papa. He has a suit, jacket, hat, and belt made out of stingray. His favorite shoes are yellow alligator skin, and he has many a cowboy hat. Sada says he hasn't been in a dressing room in decades. She's always nervous what he'll show up to family functions in.

GROOMING: Sada convinced her father to stop dyeing his thick head of hair, but he still dyes his beard jet black. He has tufts of hair that fluff out of his hat, and he won't go to the barber unless Sada drags him there. Grover has a terrible nail biting habit and doesn't know how to quit it. His ex-wife used to take him for manicures, but he hasn't been for one in over ten years because they remind him of her.

DESIGN: When you walk into Grover's apartment, he wants you to know that "a man lives here." He is a collector of "trinkets and treasures" and his apartment is chock full of things - each with its own story from his days on his truck routes. His entire dining room is filled with rusty gym equipment -- (a punching bag, bench, sit-up machine) that he doesn't use. He has three PINK couches in his main room that he refuses to give up, and hand-me-downs from his brother that have sentimental value. Grover likes beautiful things, and beautiful women, so he displays X-rated magazines on his coffee table. 

FOOD: Grover is a collector of jams, sauces and condiments - most of which are expired. He loves to prepare himself some chicken necks and thighs, and doesn't understand why his kids won't eat his soul food! Sada wants to get her father into juicing, but he's hesitant.

CULTURE: On occasion, Grover walks to Barnes & Noble down the street. He has an appreciation for good books, good coffee, and good-looking ladies. He wants to improve his space to attract the right type of woman, but right now it's too cluttered for adult dates with his ladies and play dates with his grandkids.

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: The Fab Five are going to love sweet old grandpa Grover from first meet, but when they walk into his high rise apartment, their mouths are going to drop. They’ll have a field day rummaging through his closet, uncovering his dirty magazines. Karamo will love getting Grover back into the dating pool, and all the guys will comfort Sada when she opens up about the recent loss of her mother.

EVENT: Grover's dream is to host "brunch with grandpa" with his three children, their partners and his grandkids at his apartment. Right now, it's hard for him to even walk through the apartment without tripping over something, let alone entertain 9 people safely. Sada's the only one who's let her husband and son even SEE dad's place.

ALT. EVENT: Grover’s family was never able to throw him a retirement party because they were all having babies at the time. Now is the perfect time for a party to celebrate Grandpa’s next chapter in life.

Nominators: Sada Jackson (daughter) and her two brothers Ryan (left) & Justin (right)


  • Sada and her brothers are begging the Fab Five to give their dad some TLC after he's taken care of them his entire lives. As he enters this new "retired" chapter in his life, he needs a livable space. After their mom passed in 2016, Ryan, Sada & Justin each had a child of their own, back-to-back. They desperately want their children to know and visit "pop pop" as much as possible.