Age: 50

Occupation: Pythons Drill Team Founder

Location: Kansas City, MO

Relationship Status: Single


For over 30 years, Wanda has been the CEO of the legendary Kansas City Drill Team, The Pythons, https://www.pythonsdrillteam.com/. The Pythons won the national drill team championships in 2015, and hope to reclaim their title! This team's success is the result of Wanda's blood, sweat, and tears. She spends all of her time working to help the team AND the kids and families involved. Wanda went through a divorce ten years ago and has been single ever since. Her Musical Director is encouraging her to get back into the dating pool, but she is super hesitant to put herself out there. Her life revolves around all things Pythons and she doesn't know how to make time for herself.

FASHION: Wanda is super proud of her Pythons and you can tell it just by looking at her. She's usually decked out in Pythons gear from head to toe. She loves patterned leggings and never wears dresses or jeans. People tell her she's trapped in a 1980s music video.


GROOMING: Instead of going to the salon to get her hair done, Wanda just throws on a wig from her ever-expanding wig collection. She has seven styles to choose from! Long, short, curly, ponytail - you name it and she's got it! She is incredibly embarrassed of her natural hair and never shows it to anyone.


DESIGN: Wanda's two-bedroom apartment does not reflect her effervescent personality. It's incredibly sparse and acts more like a storage space for the Python's trophies, uniforms and drums than it does a home. When Wanda walks through the door, she heads immediately for the bedroom, where she spends most of her free time watching TV. Over the years, she's given all her furniture away to pour more money into the drill team. Her living room doesn't even have a couch to sit on! She's embarrassed to have friends or family over without anywhere to sit.


FOOD: Wanda's go-to recipe is fettuccine alfredo with cubed chicken. She never really learned how to cook and sticks with what she knows how to do.


CULTURE: Wanda and her nominators agree that she needs to get out and start dating! She doesn't know how to go about meeting someone but is ready to make finding someone a priority.

FAB FIVE CONNECTION: The Fab Five is going to Drill practice! The guys will have a blast drumming and dancing their way through the gymnasium as they crash Wanda’s rehearsal.

EVENT: The Pythons are currently filming a documentary about themselves and plan to have a big screening party in September! It will be a semi-formal dinner full of the Pythons and their families.

Nominators: Joe Lindsey, Pythons Musical Director & Gregory Mitchell, Creative Director


  • Wanda's colleagues see that she devotes all her time and energy to the Pythons and does nothing for herself. They'd love to see their "big-hearted" friend look and feel as good as she deserves and stand out as the director without wearing a Pythons logo.